Make up a fake video game name

I love this thread! I don’t have any fake game names, but I will highlight some great examples from folks I like.

The first is from Shawn Elliott back when he was at GFW Radio (any other fans of the brodeo in the house?) He created a fake PR company called “Merchants of Cool” and then interviewed a bunch of people outside of GameStops to get their takes on some fake games. I can’t find the video (I think it was on an episode of The 1UP Show , if anyone knows where to find archives of that), but here’s a transcript from an archive:

The fake game names were Founding Fighters: Battle for the Constitution, Tender Rondo: The Delicate Saga, Duty Calls, and Plagues of Egypt.

The other thing I want to share is a zine made by some friends called Video Killer Magazine. They only did one issue, but some of my favorite fake games they review are called There’s Something in the Woods, Jump a Third Time, and Titty Punch.

I legit had to Google that because I could swear I played Blazing Knight Luna on Super Famicom emulator in college on the recommendation of my friend who was really into anime.

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End of Days: Day One Edition

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Elevator Tycoon: Haulin’ Freight

Vs. Choplifter

Jennifer Jones Pro Curling

Sword and Kings 3: Lionslayer Prophecies

Super Ghost Panic!

The Electric Machine

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Someone Liked Your Tweet


‘9’ (my brother and I had this idea as a video game name before that animated movie came out lol)

Area 51: Revelation

Everything in Reverse (or Reverse in Everything)

End Times: The Beginning
End Times 2: Retribution
End Times 3: Apocalypse
End Times: New Beginnings

It was planned as a trilogy but the publisher made a fourth game with a different developer.


I made a twitter bot a year-and-a-half ago which tweets out random game titles generated by a neural network trained on a list of real titles I scraped from Mobygames.

Some cherry-picked output:

  • Burger Swords Volume IV
  • Battle Egg
  • Space Witch Lick
  • Battlefield 2: The Soul of Last Harvest Fight
  • Destiny Simulator 2009
  • Adventure & Classics: Refux - The Legacy of the Furado: Dog Crill Part 5 - World Sigula Radders: Frogger’s Head Tour

No ‘End Times: The End’? lol

Oh. My. God.

Would definitely pay $3 for a used copy of that a decade later.

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How is “Vs. Choplifter” not already a thing?

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Hell on Darkwater 3: Grim Tides.

Splatterpunks II: Over the Edge. (Wait, no. That was a book.)

Memes: The Game. Be sure to pre-order the Streamer Deluxe Edition!
Memes 2: Memes’ Day Out.
Memes 3: Look What You Made Me Meme.
Memes 4: One Meme Mother.

Whittling Simulator. Featuring over 20 individual DLC knives with cosmetic customization!

The City Without a Sky

If anyone actually uses this for anything, please pay me royalties. If it wasn’t used already, which I suspect it has been.


I’d totally play, read, listen to, or watch something with that title.

Thank you! I thought it up the other day and honestly, it sounds like a sci-fi novel I should write. If I wrote sci-fi at all.

State Park Simulator 2014


Scoot Newt

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And its sequel Scoot Newt: Riot


Tweet Through It

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