Man Busted for Playing 'Apex Legends' on Airport Screen

Airports are nightmares. No one wants to be in one and the best thing to do when traveling is to just try to distract yourself from the whole ordeal. Video games are great for this. One of my favorite features on the Nintendo Switch is its ability to make time pass while I’m waiting to board a plane. One video game fan in Portland got in a little trouble yesterday because he wanted to game to pass the time. His crime? Plugging a PlayStation 4 into an airport monitor to play Apex Legends.

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Slow week in video games…


Not sure why, but I find it very amusing that the guy just politely asked if he could finish his game. I guess some gamers can actually be…alright?

Also, no airport I’ve been to has ever had good enough wifi to make something like this possible.

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I mean only someone with enough $$$ to afford to pay for the airport wifi would be entitled enough to take over a flight info screen.

I do not trust this man on an airplane. He will bail out the first town they fly over that has top tier loot.


he has to be using a phone tether right?

Reminds me of the time Patrick brought his WiiU with him on the plane so he could finish Bayonetta 2 before GOTY… Good Times.

JFC this ruined my life

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