Man, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is tight

I’ve dusted off my Wii U (although it wasn’t as dusty as I thought it would be) and started replaying Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (DKCTF) since while I finished it when it first launched, I barely remembered anything about it but heard a bunch of good stuff about it in the meantime.

And man, was that worth it. The controls are super tight and I like how Puzzle Pieces and KONG Letters encompass exploration and skillful platforming respectively, and how Puzzle Pieces stay collected after you die whereas KONG Letters don’t. So far I’m about to finish World 2 and have gotten all the KONG Letters and most of the puzzle pieces. I’ve never played any of the bonus levels unlocked with all the KONG Letters in a world before and boy are those tough. I do think having no checkpoints help with you getting into that flow, but I’m glad that all the other levels have checkpoints. Also, I’m glad that they don’t have KONG Letters because getting all of those on one playthrough would probably kill me in real life.

While this game has lives, I’ve gotten to 99 not even two worlds in. A lot of the time when you die you actually have more lives than you started with since Bananas are absolutely everywhere. There’s also a whole lot of Banana Coins (I’ve gotten like 400 by now and a life costs like… 3 Banana Coins) that you can spend in a shop. The shop items are a great way to make this pretty tough game more accessible since they grant you temporary invincibility, a one-time recovery after falling down a cliff and more. While I personally don’t plan to use them, I’m glad they exist as options.

I just finished 2-K Bobopolis yesterday and MAN that level felt tight.

Unfortunately, it seems you rarely see this game talked about (though a few game design YT channels have been praising it recently, like Game Maker’s Toolkit which you should absolutely check out). It seems to have suffered the Wii U’s curse and I really hope it gets ported to the Switch.

Since Retro’s current project is not Metroid Prime 4, I wouldn’t mind another DKC because Tropical Freeze is amazing.

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For sure, and I also wouldn’t mind Retros next project to be DKC related. It does feel like this game does not quite get the recognition it deserves. My only very minor gripe is it felt that Cranky and especially Dixie where just always more useful than Diddy. While I probably hold DKC2 just slightly above Tropic Freeze, its a very close and well deserved second.

It is strange that its been awhile with no announcement from the studio, I wonder if they had a failed prototype that ate up their development pipeline.

Whatever Retro produce next, i’m on board.

Fantastic game. Am I right in remembering that you could play as the other Kongs (i.e., without Donkey) but only in the mirror/hard mode? I never did make it all the way through that mode. But the stages themselves were sublime.

(Just needed the right music for Bramble Scramble.)

It’s a great game. I hope they make a Switch port so that more people can experience it but for now, I might just have to pull out my Wii U copy for another spin.

I liked Returns even though it didn’t have the majestic appeal of 1&2 but DKCTF just slayed everything. I can’t believe that this game was shunned on release by Nintendo fans.

I may play through it again while I have my friend’s Wii U. I traded mine in for a Switch, but ended up selling the Switch because I just couldn’t justify spending well over five hundred dollars just to play Zelda. Then I asked to borrow his and played Zelda on it, thanks to the library.

Tropical Freeze was pretty great. As someone who grew up on Donkey Kong Country, and was obsessed with it as a kid, I’m happy the series is still around. Returns and TF didn’t connect with me as much as the older ones did, and still do, but they’re very good games nonetheless. Returns was overly difficult, though.

One of the many games I need to get around on beating on the Wii U. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

I rented it back when it came out and got to the last few levels but had to sent it back before finishing it. I’ve been meaning to buy it for a while now, will get around to getting it at some point. Was great, loved the music especially.

Not to port beg, but this is one of the few Wii I U games (along with TMS) that I would kill to have on the switch. DKCR was such a great game to have on the 3DS that Tropical Freeze really seems like a natural fit for the Switch

I also haven’t hooked my Wii U up in like a year and really want to play this so a port would allow me to continue to be lazy as hell

Ahhh, I’ve still got it wrapped on the shelf. Waiting for that 2D platformer mood to strike me and the backlog gods to smile upon me.

Weird coincidence, I have a copy I just bought off ebay the other day on the way to me.

Excited to check it out on WiiU and maybe CEMU.

Amazing game. Second best game in the series and the best game on Wii U imo.

I honestly would not have any issue with Retro making another DKC game on Switch.

My biggest gripe with it are probably the secret exit. Most of them are just “Do you have a certain partner?” checks and putting them right at the end of a level feels pretty redundant. I would’ve preferred it if they were hidden like Puzzle Pieces maybe (some of them are, but it’s a minority).