Managing Anger/Salt from Online Play


So after getting mostly nothing but a sore arm, a scratched controller, and a negative few million GSP from an hour of Smash Ultimate online this morning, I think I need to see some more tips about managing anger when playing competitive video games, especially with online PvP where you can’t attach a more humanizing component to the whole experience.

Has anyone found any helpful strategies when it comes to this issue?


I don’t play online very often, and personally, that works for me. If I do play online it’s co-op games or with friends.


I don’t think there’s any one right answer to this. I can say for me personally, I have stayed away from online smash entirely unless I’m playing in an arena with a friend. The net code is too buggy and the progression of gsp is scaled in a way that can make it really frustrating to see that number drop drastically after a couple of consecutive losses. If you still want to play online I would recommend doing something else while you play (ie. listen to pidcasts, watch tv/a movie, listen to an audiobook, etc.). Especially with smash I think it’s important to allow yourself to laugh at the jank that can happen when playing online. Also, if you are looking for competitive practice, playing online—when losses sometimes feel cheap—can add another level of frustration to the grind of becoming a competitive player.

At the end of the day, it’s important to cut yourself some slack and recognize that you will get mad. The most important part is trying to release that frustration in a healthy and non toxic way.

Hope this helps.


Found a piece from FG enthusiast and all-around cool guy Patrick Miller than I may wanna keep in mind too:

And also this piece, as it helps remind me to keep expectations in check via creating more reasonable goals then “get high GSP in Smash”…managing expectations is also part of managing my anger too: