Manga Appreciation: Shuzo Oshimi's Happiness (Image Heavy)


Anyone else reading this?

Like half the manga iseyes, often in a tight zoom.

Happiness volume 3

This is something Oshimi does elsewhere.

New photo by Pearce Shea
Flowers of Evil volume 5

And it’s well suited to his particular brand of weird psycho-melodrama.

But then Happiness is much quieter than his other manga so a lot of the communication (both to the audience and among characters) happens with these quiet looks.

This quietness helps make the moments of action more startling, especially because of the way they’re framed, as if they’re snapshots (there are better examples, but spoilery).

This feels at least a little similar to Suehiro Maruo’s Laughing Vampire, but I might be reaching.

The Laughing Vampire volume 1

New photo by Pearce Shea

Happiness volume 3

And then there’s this stuff (this from volume 5), which is just so much better than anything he’s done before.

New photo by Pearce Shea

Anyway, anyone else reading this? Anything you want to say about it?