Man's not hot take


I’m sorry all. I’m sorry I have to ruin one of the few good things about 2017. But Man’s not hot is slowly driving me crazy.

When I first found it, I loved it. It’s a wholesome meme, not rude, sounds pretty good and can be used in a variety of situations. I enjoyed it like we all did.

And then my students found out about it.

Suddenly, in my computer science classes and ICT classes, I found myself having to tell students to not sing. To not do appalling London accents. When I asked students to take their coats off… Well, you can guess the rest.

Today I was applauded by my class when I told them to stop singing. They applauded me for getting their hilarious reference. Their claps felt hollow and empty. They had ruined the meme for me and they applauded.

Moral of the story: being a young teacher sucks sometimes.


are you a maths teacher because if so i know a certain sum you could use it to teach them.


This feels like a good metaphor for the internet.


I am a math teacher, and thank you for providing this helpful vox explainer on my students who say “quick maths” in an affected londoner accent whenever they do any arithmetic.

They’re in an algebra class. It’s been rough.


Actual song ain’t half bad, tbh. Beat kinda slams.


You’re right. I hate it. I’d never do anything to promote it, or make you experience it again.


what hath god wrought


i’ve never played a switch but this is easily the most exciting application i’ve seen for hd rumble


Good to know the switch finally found it’s killer app…