Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions is So Good

I’ve had my eye on this game for a while, because the original Superstar Saga was one of my favorite games as a kid. I spent hours learning the timing of each attack and the tells of every enemy, and I was eager to see how the remake stacked up. Even back in the day the game was great about letting you say no to tutorials if you didn’t want them, and now this function has been streamlined with the addition of a guide that merely notifies you when new information is available, viewable (or not) at your leisure. A number of other quality of life improvements have been made: the X button makes both bros jump at once, you actually have an area map, etc. I blew threw the game in a weekend, and while my muscle memory surely helped it seems like the game is easier than ever. The difficulty is almost irrelevant to me because the world is bright and fun and the writing is hilarious, giving me a much-needed dose of laughs among the chaos of 2017.

Bowser’s minions is a much simpler game, a light strategy affair with limited interaction that nonetheless is an enjoyable time-waster.

I was so enthused by my playthrough of Superstar Saga that I immediately replayed Bowser’s Inside Story as well. The third game in the series, this DS entry has a number of great ideas, including Bowser as an amazing playable protagonist. The Giant Bowser battles force you to hold the DS like a book, and other than some microphone sensitivity issues I find them a really interesting change of pace. The rhythms of Inside Story are slightly different from those of Superstar Saga, but after a slightly rusty start I felt like a badasss once again, and completed the game in a similarly short amount of time.

I’m really glad Nintendo decided to remake Superstar Saga and I strongly recommend the remake to anyone with a 3DS if you’re looking for a fun distraction. If you can find it Bowser’s Inside Story is also excellent, although there are some really bad fat-shaming jokes in one section. I really felt a need to gush about these games, I feel like they’re underappreciated, weird little gems that rarely get discussed. If you’ve played the remake, what did you think? Was this your first experience with the series, and are you potentially interested in some of the other games?


This is the first Mario RPG-like game I have ever played. Thus far, I am enjoying it, even if I am really terrible at dodging incoming attacks. Is there any advice you can offer in terms leveling Mario and Luigi? That is, where should I apply points when leveling?


I keep forgetting that this is out. It’s something I do want to play, hopefully sometime soon.

I’ve only played the last couple: Paper Jam, which I couldn’t get into, and the one with Luigi’s dreams. It was okay. Apparently the previous couple (Superstar Saga and Bowser’s Inside Story) are better. I have BIS, but haven’t played it yet.

M+L on the GBA was one of my favorite games ever when I was little. I think I played through it 7 or 8 times, but it’s been such a long time that I forget the majority of the game. I’m really tempted to pick up a fancy new 2DS to play this, but I know I’m gonna be too busy with Odyssey when it comes out to get through this.

Glad to hear that it’s awesome!

I would play this if 2017 wasn’t an incredible year for games. The only two Mario and Luigi games I have played are the original Superstar Saga and Dream Team. I really enjoyed Dream Team, but it was pretty weak story-wise.

Have you played Paper Jam? I heard mixed things, but it looked pretty good and is probably pretty cheap now.

I still need to pick up Metroid alongside this.

I wish the art style didn’t feel so sterile compared to og superstar saga.


Wow, not many people discussing this game. I loved the original Superstar Saga on GBA. It was fun and eventually got difficult near the end because of the bosses, which was welcomed.

How does this remake stack up? I disliked all other Mario and Luigi games because of how text heavy and tutorial filled they are. I would have enjoyed Bower’s Inside Story more, for instance, if it had less tutorials and interruptions in the gameplay, especially at the beginning. I don’t remember the original Superstar Saga having as much interruptions as later entries. Does this remake do a good job of just letting you take the reins from the beginning or skip tutorials?

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I really want to get this but I just can’t see myself finding time to play 3DS again. I still haven’t even finished Metroid!

Glad you’re enjoying it! Luigi tends to favor HP and Defense, while Mario tends to favor Pow and Speed, so it’s easiest to spec them along those lines. The bonus wheel tends to get worse if you keep trying to increase the same stat though, so it’s good to spread points around. Also don’t neglect Stache, it looks silly/useless but affects critical hits and gives you discounts in stores. Other than that I would recommend pausing when you enter a new area to learn enemies’ patterns (which also nets you some good exp).

The remake is fantatic about tutorials, now you just get a notification that says “a new entry has appeared in the guide, read it by tapping on the touch screen icon at any time”

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That’s one of my few complaints, the backgrounds are fantastic but the outlines on characters are sorely missed.

Thanks for the tips. I really appreciate it.

I’m having the worst time countering attacks with the hammer. I’m not sure if I need to wind-up, or if I can just hit the button at the exact moment I need to.

So, how does one go about finding out which stats are favored by each character? Is there a way to see which stats affect which attacks?

I loved the original, but I never ended up beating it.

Now I want to play again! But…I like old hardware, so I’ll probably hunt down the original instead of getting this new one.

Then again, maybe my wife, who loves her 3DS, would appreciate the remake.

Decisions, decisions…

It’s still my favorite Mario RPG, and I love the fact that now I can play all the Mario and Luigi games my 3DS.

The 3DS version made it worth it to play it all over again. I love the fact that I can practice bros. attacks while in battle to learn some of the harder attacks.

Are the amiibo worth it?

My understanding with hammer counters is usually that you hold the button and release, but if you hold too long it fails, so there’s a window during each attack to start holding the button.

I have no idea which stats affect which attacks, as far as I know all the attack types (jump, bro, hammer, hand) are handled by the POW stat. as for the stats being favored by each character it’s just that they start with better numbers in certain stats (and maybe those grow faster too, I’m not sure).

Thanks for the advice. This does appear to be the case.