Mario Kart Underground Waypoint Racing Ring I


Let’s run through some things about Mario Kart:

  • The friends list system makes it hard to get into games with friends so it’s much easier if you can fill a lobby
  • We have a brand new community with like minded people, and the best way to break into that is to put them into the game that breeds the most internal hatred of any video game franchise
  • People need other people to compare time trial ghosts with
  • You probably need somewhere you can rant to sympathetic ears about how you were ten feet from the finish line and then suddenly it was all red shell green shell boomerang boomerang thunder bam your finished in 8th welcome to Mario Kart!!!

Use this thread to discuss your kart racing woes, and add yourself to the list of friend codes that I’m going to start tallying here!

xoxo gossip girl

Friend Codes
Waypoint Name - FC
JustBlais - SW-8413-6004-3534
Gary - SW-7725-1355-3216
Johnham - SW-0284-9044-3822
JavyGI - SW-6278-6839-3482
joel - SW-7175-3611-7715
coldbloom - SW-4983-8845-4679
Shaanyboi - SW-0192-4575-9420
juststayhome - SW-2009-4053-1828
tacos - SW-5685-2781-4989
Wixren - SW-0519-9365-7302
shabooty - SW-4678-3620-6991
Mazetrap - SW-0528-0002-5727
mattoneal - SW-8189-0792-2113
replevin - SW-3522-5218-0329
madmatt213 - SW-2082-1735-2236
HermanBloom - SW-5018-3653-0132
Mike - SW-0992-8231-0426
lommym - SW-8143-3101-9446
Highwire - SW-4127-0850-2912
celadon - SW-6301-2136-0638



my most mario kart moment of all time happened in this game. I was in 1st place online for the whole race, and in the last 10% of lap 3 I got targeted by a blue shell.
Which was fine, because I already had a boombox.
But, as the blue shell approached, someone stole my boombox with a Boo.
Then I got hit by the blue shell, a red shell, a green shell, a star, a red shell, and came in 9th.

I love this game


Mike! Hi mike! Hi Gary!


Textbook Langly shitposting


I don’t have a switch can I stay here tho


I only play on final destination, no items



Mario kart, huh? how similar is this game to podracing


If someone had just blue shelled anakin skywalker we could’ve avoid a lot of heartache


This thread needs Fast and Furious gifs


wasn’t in first place til the very end of the race. annie knew his blue shell defense strats


you’re never safe until you cross the finish line


Big Blue as best track, yes? Anyone want to compare / challenge time trial runs in the ol’ Big Blue?


I will run big blue for your RIGHT NOW just for this


life advice right here


Ey yo!


honk honk! SW- 7175 3611 7715


When will a new double dash come out for us unwashed masses who liked that game is what I want to know


Ok honestly real talk they are ABSOLUTELY sitting on this game when they need a trump card right? Or as DLC? They have to be. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.


@JustBlais please contribute to my GoFundMe to buy this game


bruh. SW-4983-8845-4679

shit, we both have KK Slider icons. It’s real.