'Mario Maker 2' Creators Are Using Cryptography to Make Impossible Levels

10^566, or 10 to the 566th power, is a very big number. It’s such a big number, in fact, that I repeatedly failed to find a website that would calculate how big it is. Good Calculators, a “collection of really good online calculators,” refused to spit out an answer. Calculator.net, on the other hand, threw its hands up in protest, declaring the answer “infinite.” Calculator Soup had no luck, telling me the answer was “too large.” Omni Calculator was no help, either, responding to my query with a blank space. Moments later, the site asked “Did that help?”

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That’s pretty cool!

Interested to know if anyone has used something like this in combination with an out of game mechanic. Basically use Mario Maker 2 simply as a way of registering that you did some puzzle.

E.g. you need the correct number to win and can get that number by doing something like Notpron

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I could totally see an ARG three years from now, using the combination in a Mario Maker level to figure out a clue elsewhere

Ready Player One, except in Mario Maker.