'Mario Maker 2' Is Brilliant, But I Hope Nintendo Doesn't Fail the Community

There are a lot of ways to review a video game, but what do you do with a game like Super Mario Maker 2, whose potential is currently unknown? Nintendo doesn’t know what people will do with it, and I certainly don’t. What do you do about a game whose community, the beating heart of its future in the years to come, will be shaped by the way its developer responds, especially when said company is known to be opaque about the questionable and often frustrating reasons for its actions? That’s what will ultimately determine the game’s future, not whether they added cool tools (they did) or, finally, slopes (which they also did).

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They’re definitely going to screw it up. Nintendo has always, and still does have, the culture that the games are their games, and other people get to play with them the way Nintendo says, if they’re lucky.

They’ve never been able to understand, much less embrace, the sort of co-ownership that’s involved with any sort of user generated content, whether it’s Let’s Play videos, fan games, or Mario Maker levels.

If they couldn’t get it when their pointless level deletion policy was upsetting seven-year-olds that just wanted to play their games then they’re never going to get it.


“Mario Maker Mornings will return.”

I got more excited for this then in similar phrases in Bond or Marvel movies.

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