Mario Movie By Minions Makers

May Grodd have mercy on us all.


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Dammit, why didn’t I think of that.

Maybe the Mario movie by the Minions makers will miraculously be marvelous

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Minions movies make many mutter “Meh”. More may muster much merriment: “Mario movie? Marvelous! My main man, making movie magic!”




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How is this even possible now that Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper have passed on?

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very nuanced take: everything illumination puts out is complete garbage


But what about a mario and minions game??

minions are shitty rabbids. discuss??


Despicable me was better than I expected? the minions were the worst part of it, and for the most part literally felt like there scenes were from a different movie edited in.

Anyway. it won’t be the worst mario movie. and if I can can build up a sort of weird affection for Super Mario Bros. (1993) I’m sure I will like this movie by at least 2037

Despicable Me is an alright movie being eaten alive from the inside by its marketing department. Every movie I’ve seen from them since then has felt like several trailer/commercial scenes haphazardly stitched together with no central thematic threads.

If this deal does go through though, Nintendo will be grabbing any project from them by the reins and making sure they’re at least decent.

The first Despicable Me was the only good Illumination movie; everything else was soulless, easily merchandised kitsch

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On the other hand, this movie is literally an expensive hour and a half long commercial for Nintendo so maybe Illumination is the perfect company for the job? hashtag Galaxy Brain.

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This could be good, but I’m wondering how much dialogue there’s gonna be. Peach and Luigi obviously are the biggest talkers, but Mario, like Link, has been pretty quiet for a while and mostly says “Let’s-a-go!” Also, I really didn’t like Bowser talking in Sunshine and prefer his roars and grumbles being translated.

The biggest question is how big is the cast going to be? Will Waluigi get his big break?

It’s true. Rabbids came first, Minions are just Rabbids but shittier.


Im gonna be honest I really dont get how Illumination became this memetic thing to hate when their movies just seem to be consistently middling more than anything else. I would much rather sit through their stuff than Dreamworks’ misses or Blue Sky’s “Lets take 20 sitcom B-plots and cram em into a blender” Ice Age and Rio sequels.