Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Discussion Thread


Thoughts on this??


What… Hmm… I mean… Uhhhh… Hmmmm…

This is seriously weird. I mean, the Rabbids might make Mario and Co a bit less stiff? But Samus’ arm cannons? What is going on here?


The lasers they do nothing. And by nothing I mean make me question gun laws in the mushroom kingdom. Makes me feel like the Mario universe is slowly turning into the Super Mario Bros. movie universe.

I do like Luigi’s pistol with its awkwardly large bit at the end of the barrel.


I like the game.

I love Phil Kollar’s dedication to the game on Twitter after that article went up.


I’m not up to date with the Rabbids but I always thought it was a legacy IP from the Wii era. I remember looking at Ubisoft mobile games and only seeing Rabbids games made to advertise brands with abysmal download rates whereas Rayman was more successful on mobile with their P2P runners.

I felt Rayman and its universe was more relevant today than A bunch of Rabbids with a incredibly tired gimmick but I guess I must have missed a lot of angles there.


Fuck… rabbid Peach is pulling it off better than I expected. But why are there just two Luigis?


Well, I hadn’t seen this and now the rest of my day is ruined. Is the Mario x Minions crossover imminent?


No, the Minions will clearly be reserved for the inevitable Sonic cross-over


Emily Rogers, a person that provided accurate leaked info on other Nintendo projects in the past, including the Switch, spread word of this on Twitter last year. I think she was under the mistaken impression that people would think that this game is a good idea and would be excited for it. In the place of enthusiasm, all I see is a void, a boundless expanse of nothingness.


Hold up though, don’t forget about this wonderful crossover.


It’s like, ugh. Why.

Peach is looking cool, and hey that’s cool.

But why rabbids. Why.

I didn’t even used to hate the rabbids. They were goofy whatevers when introduced in Rayman: Raving Rabbids. The worst thing about the rabbids back then was that they were representative of the fact that Ubisoft cancelled a full platformer to make a minigame collection.

But how have they persisted beyond one or two games??


Someone other than Japan gets to make a Mario game and step one is to give everybody a gun.

Every time I see promotional art for a game where every character in it is holding a weapon all I can think of is that Lionhead Studios story from a while back where they said that that shit is 100% somebody from a marketing division coming in and saying “our data shows that this market cares more when there are weapons visible.”


so, like, is it real?? the initial leak seems real enough, but this?? i don’t know


i felt this was too important not to share


The saddest 6-word story: “The DK rabbid will dab periodically”.


The greatest 6-word reason to buy any game: “The DK rabbid will dab periodically”


Finally, a chance for my favorite extended Mario Bros. Universe character to SHINE.


I feel like if it weren’t for the Peach Rabbid I would just be kind of indifferent but that really just makes it super Bad


My initial reaction was a lot more visceral and negative and now it’s sort of pattered out into indifference. It’s a sort of curiosity where in no way can this be any good but you still want to view it from afar, just in case?

I think the aspect that confuses me is: Are the Rabbids are really all that popular here? Or is Ubisoft just able to throw infinite money at this to the point where popularity doesn’t matter? Maybe they’re big in France or something, but other than that idk.


I know people dunk on Nintendo for being conservative with the way it handles its intellectual property, but this is a bit much.

Them branching out into the mobile space has been pretty predictable (Super Mario Run is EXACTLY the game I pictured when they announced their smartphone intentions), but suddenly handing over a beloved character to one of the most inconsistent triple A publishers around seems risky.

Nintendo pumps out Mario games like crazy and to say they’re not always great is an understatement but most still have that Nintendo charm I’ve come to appreciate. This strikes me as a deeply misguided attempt to reach a wider audience, but wouldn’t the target audience for this be an audience Nintendo has appealed to for quite some time?


I dunno, we haven’t even seen gameplay, maybe it’ll be fun if dumb! Tbh tho I’d have preferred if the Mario crew were after the Rabbids. I know very little about whatever amount of “lore” these non-bunnies have, but I never took them to be like…helpful or collaborative.

Then again Mario seems to be really good at convincing antagonists to hang out and have fun with him. Speaking-of, Are Wario Waluigi and Bowser not in this? How dare they rob us of them and rabbids cosplaying them!