Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a real video game and we don't deserve it


Everything you see in that trailer is cannon. Miyamoto signed off on it.

EDIT: Grant Kirkhope has said that he’s writing the music. this is amazing.


i’m upset that it actually looks like a fun Game

i really don’t know if i can stomach the rabbids


Embrace the silliness, and rejoice that Nintendo are actually using their IP’s for something new and weird. Same goes for Ubisoft. They’ve been the third person tower climbing factory for years and this is so delightfully strange and grotesque a cross over that I’m just happy that they are actually going for it getting weird.


finally, an xcom game where the stakes aren’t so high because i’m terrified my heavily armed children will die forever


Not bad and super crazy.


This looks way better than it has any right to be. It seems to give the Mario crew an injection of personality that’s often lacking in the Mario spin-off games.

Rabbids still suck tho.


God I would really love if this was just Mario. But the Rabbits are not an easy sell…


For the Rabbid haters remember: this game will allow you to commit cartoon violence against the critters so. I guess that’s kind of a win?


Yeah, and all the rabbids look alike so you can simply head cannon this game as Mario callously sending his furry troops into the meat grinder in the thousands, only equipped with the same oversized t-shirts, low quality wigs, old hats, and handcannons.


I’ve always wondered “what if Mario was like Joseph Joffre during WW1” and now I finally get to experience it first hand!


I finally got to see the trailer. My heart just grown by three sizes today.

I’m blessed to be living in the year of our lord 20-:snake: to experience this.


Sonic x Minions when


Ubisoft definitely zagged on us by announcing this game, for sure.


It’s 2017 and my game of the show so far is a Rabbids game. I look out my window. No apocalypse yet, but I can feel it coming.


where is waluigi though?


I have never had my foot so far in my mouth than the reveal of this game.

Never have I been so prepared to hate something, so much. Never have I dunked on something so hard with my friends as promo images leaked. Never have I wanted a game to come out so badly. This looks absolutely incredible.

What is this world? Where my two games of the show are a game with Rabbids, and a Wolfenstein game?


is there going to be a good<>evil slider for marios<>rabbids


No, but there’ll be a gender slider. Or so I’ve heard.


They’re demoing this on the treehouse stream right now and man… This looks so good.


The cover system is interesting. Since it gets damaged and destroyed as it gets hit, it means that the battlefield conditions change naturally as the battle progresses, and it also encourages a lot of movement and makes sure you don’t get comfortable just staying in cover and shooting from a distance. This could make for some good strategy to the game.