'Mario Tennis Aces' Serves Up Nail-Biting Multiplayer Duels


With Mario Tennis Aces, developer Camelot is making a bet. In the age of unlockable skins, skill trees, and 50+ hour long AAA games, all Aces has to offer is a racket that feels really good to swing. Like a great fighting game or like couch competitive titles like Nidhogg and Gang Beasts, Aces is all about the providing moment-to-moment gameplay that is its own reward. And in 2018, that’s a serious risk.

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I’m loving the online multiplayer of Aces, I’ll probably pour like 100 hours into it if it continues to be as exciting as it has been.


This game is so cute and precious. I’m going to sink a bunch of time into this game. I can feel it.


I picked up a Switch last week and Aces yesterday. It’s my first foray into the Mario themed tennis games since Mario Tennis on N64 (which I loved as a kid).

I was quite surprised as to how much depth there is in just the moment to moment gameplay–Zone shots and zone speed, the rock-paper-scissors style matchup between certain charge shots, the durability system of the rackets that throws a bit of risk/reward into the mix.

I have yet to start the Adventure mode and have so far, just played a bunch of matches and tournaments against CPUs. I thought I was “the business”, blowing away CPUs in every match on every court with my good ol’ go-to Toad. Then, like Austin, I tried out Multiplayer, and wow…
got my butt completely handed to me in the first couple minutes. Like complete shutout with me unable to score a single point.

I do really appreciate seeing the various playstyles of other people (one thing I enjoy about having an online mode in ‘competitive’ games), and having to learn to pay closer attention to the game’s systems. I can definitely see myself playing this for some time.

Now, do I dare try loading up the online mode in Pokken Tournament DX…?


I’m still trying to weigh whether or not I want to buy this. Hearing that the single player is lacking is kind of disappointing as that’s what I loved about some of the older games. I LOVED the live demo they had and had a great time in the multiplayer, but I worry that I won’t get that much time out of it.


Mario Tennis Aces does seem to impress me a lot, I haven’t played it yet but have read reviews and also watched gameplay’s online.


I think evaluate this game the same way you would a fighting game. As Austin said, the game is much more focused on the mechanical depth than the variety of things to do. I’ll personally don’t like adventure mode one bit, so if you’re looking for an offline solo experience this game probably won’t give you that. But I’ve been putting a lot of time into it through quick matches here and there throughout the evening when I have 10 minutes or so. And because it’s mechanically simpler than most fighting games, I’m having a better time improving and remaining competetive in each game. I can see myself playing this for a good while!


Well I can definitely confirm that the new matchmaking rating system (introduced for July) is working

I’ve been going through terrifying gauntlets like this where every round is against a previous tournament winner (if you didn’t know, if someone skips the first round it’s because they’ve previously won a tournament). It’s been making a sizeable dent in my win percentage but it’s a lot of fun.

Well there are other things going on in that image, like me being in the same tournament twice, but the Australian Mario Tennis community is small enough that that happens at some times of the day :stuck_out_tongue: