Mario vs Sonic in 2017 Is Looking Mightily One-Sided

Seeing ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ and ‘Sonic Forces’ at the same time does not leave the hedgehog looking especially healthy.

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Sonic Mania, though,


I wish Sonic Forces looked better than it does. I really liked Sonic Generations, and I’m actually really into it when Sonic games sincerely try to do a big serious story. But all of the levels in the game so far just look like bland uninspired obstacle courses. The levels in Generations tend to have varied, fun stuff going on, and most of them are really fun to speedrun.

But none of the levels in Forces have really shown new stuff that hasn’t been seen in a Sonic game before, while also not really being designed for speedrunning. It feels like they took the mechanics of Generations cause it was the last Sonic game people liked, but kept designing the levels like they did in Sonic Lost World.

It won’t be that one-sided, I’m sure there’s still time for Nintendo to add OCs to Odyssey

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Super Mario Odd OC


All the love and style that’s gone into Sonic Mania has made me forget all about Forces. SEGA needs to quit with the 3D/Modern Sonic stuff. Their approach with Mania of letting a team of talented fans make the Sonic game they want to see is more forward-thinking than anything Nintendo’s doing and I think it’s going to pay off big. Going all-in on ideas like that is how they will compete, not trying to beat Nintendo at the 3D mascot platformer game that Nintendo consistently wins.


It would be neat if Sonic Mania is to that franchise what Link Between Worlds was to Zelda—a nostalgic breather that allows the developers to figure out what does and doesn’t work about the series, with a little room to experiment.

As someone with zero interest in Mania because it just look like it’s mostly a repackaging of levels I can already play in games I already have… Eh. I LIKE modern Generations/Colours-style Sonic gameplay a lot more than I like Sega’s attempts at remaking their old games for cheap nostalgia points.

Except it’s not that at all. Some stages are being reused but they have some subtle changes to them while the majority are either remixes of classics like Green Hill Zone or entirely new ones. The game is what classic Sonic fans have been asking for years to have.

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I feel like this thread is and has been evergreen since like, 1993 or something.

Evergreen Hill Zone


To be clear: I’ve been playing Sonic since I was like. Five. So please do not pull that gatekeeping stuff on me if that’s what the “classic Sonic fans” bit is about. If it isn’t, Im not saying I don’t RESEPECT that a lot of people are super into Sonic Mania. It’s just not for me.

You say my description isn’t accurate but basically all I’ve seen of the game is stages that already exist. And I really don’t want to play Green Hill Zone for the ten thousandth time. Even if the game does have a lot of new stages and the remixes are just outliers for marketing… I still don’t really care. There’s no need for me to buy this game when from the looks of it I can just play Sonic 1, 2, ,3 or CD and have basically the same experience.

If other people are into this and see value in it that I don’t, rad. And I don’t say that to be condescending - I clearly just don’t have whatever it is Sonic Mania fans have that’s making them excited.

Classic Sonic fans in the idea that the people who enjoyed the original games.

You must have missed the trailers then, they are pretty good and the soundtracks not bad either

That’s an argument you can use for just about most sequels to a game. Why should I play Super Mario world when I could just play Super Mario Bros. 3? Why should I play Forza Motorsport 7 when I could play my copy of 6 more?