Marvel vs. Capcom Is About Finding New Ways to Make Opponents Hate You


With 'MvC: Infinite', the series remains one of the most expressive and layered franchises in fighting games.

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A high low unblockable is not possible in the way described in this article. See this explanation from Combofiend prior to the games release with video evidence during the stream:

Hard to blockables are still very much a thing where one hits slightly before or after and you didn’t pushblock the first hit. There are still tons of very hard to block setups in this game and the possibilities are crazy. Just wanted to clear things up a bit.


Yeah most of the setups I’ve seen are about using the new tag system to create a ton of pressure from all around, high/low tag mixups are gonna be the least of your concerns against tougher players.

It’s a shame the art style and tepid roster kinda killed this game’s sales, the core mechanics strike a great balance between the complexity of MvC2 and the casual-friendly looseness of 3. I’ve always sucked at fighting games but I’m slowly starting to grasp the mechanics and strategies of them via Infinite.