'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' Unifies the Series' Fractured Release Order

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a success simply for existing. It certainly has some successes and failures compared to playing the originals: the first game of the trilogy has had several of its quirks slightly smoothed over, but it's still a game from 2007 and isn't pretending otherwise. The graphical updates are strong and competent all-around, but sometimes those faces and the shadows seem like they've been improved so much that they've achieved some kind of uncanny valley. And I did have a couple crashes when I moved ahead to Mass Effect 2.

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Small nitpick here, I’d say there has been a single core Mass Effect experience, but it was just exclusive to Xbox. My trilogy of discs, and the associated DLCs attached to my Xbox account, are still perfectly playable on my Series X, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, with even my saves from launch day 2007 still intact. That’s not to say that it’s redundant to have this remaster. It’s great for PC and PS folks, and I splurged because I do love me some Mass Effect. But props to Xbox for keeping backwards compatibility alive and allowing me to revisit my favorite games even when the publisher neglected it for so many years.

As for the Legendary Edition itself, I played through ME1 Eden Prime and part of the Citadel last night and I am in love yet again. It’s like I have an endless sheet cake stretching out in front of me and I’m so looking forward to gorging myself for weeks on end with high stakes sci-fi decision making and exploration.


Truly, having all the DLC integrated from the start is an even bigger appeal for me than tightening up the ME1 combat (which was bad but far from unplayable) or improving the controls on the Mako. With ME3 in particular, by the time the post-release DLC started coming out I was done with the game and not inclined to start a new playthrough. Now that everything is in a single $60 package, I’m looking forward to both having a fresh start and getting to experience all the stuff I missed originally.

While I’ve played the games and watched Giant Bomb’s playthrough recently enough that I don’t feel the need to replay them now. But I hope that this does well other publishers consider doing similar “definitive” bundles with their series. I’d love to see a similar treatment for the Ezio Trilogy or Dark Souls.

I’m not sure if you’ve maybe missed this or don’t consider it definitive but there is an Ezio Collection for Assassin’s Creed!

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