Mass EffThread (AKA Shep’s favorite thread on the Citadel)

Hey fellow mass relay travelers, welcome to the Mass Effect thread. You may be wondering why I’m creating a thread for a series that hasn’t released anything new in over three years, with nothing announced for the foreseeable future, but BioWare appears to be waking up from cryosleep and planning some intriguing events for this year’s N7 day on November 7th. First, the voice cast will be convening for a panel hosted by Shepard herself, Jennifer Hale:

For another, our very own Austin Walker will be GM-ing a Mass Effect themed table top RPG:

So what do the Spectres on this forum think? Do we dare to dream about a new game announcement this Saturday? Is the oft rumored trilogy remaster about to be made public? See you at the Citadel folks.


Yo, where can I get that Blades in the Dark mod? >.>


I asked and Austin responded:


I’m going to guess that ME1 is getting a Remake. It’s at times the best and worst of the series, and I’d honestly love to see it get a FFVII: Remake style treatment. I think the presence of Jennifer Hale (aside from star power) hints at doing something with the original universe, at least.


Never played them but I’d absolutely buy a trilogy remaster ON SWITCH


I hope it’s not just a graphical upgrade. They have an opportunity to add a bunch more stuff. More gender choice, more romance choices, more side quests…


A Mass Effect tabletop game sounds amazing!


I would love an ME1 remake that retrofitted ME2/3’s inventory and combat systems onto it on top of bundling all the DLC I never played because fuck that annoying “BioWare Points” system they had for buying DLC back then.

Graphics-only remakes of ME2 and 3 (again, with DLC bundled) would be gravy, but TBH I think they still look pretty good for their age.

Ideally, the whole thing comes in a “Mass Effect Trilogy” bundle at like $60-80 or something. We’ll see.


While I personally would love a remaster, I just hope we get a final word on whether they are or aren’t doing one this week. I’ve been holding off on a trilogy replay for like a year because of these dang rumors!


I overall really enjoy the ME series and ME1 is probably one of my most replayed games ever… but I’m feeling pretty indifferent towards the trilogy getting a remake, unless they somehow rework it to feature less combat or at least make it less repetitive which I doubt they would do. Admittedly with it being a cover based shooter there’s probably not much they could really tweak to modernize it. Other than that, I can take scanning and I can even take the inventory scramble in ME1 (which is something they’ll probably address anyway) but if they at least fix the more prominent bugs and fix/standardize the UI across all three games it would already be a decent improvement imo (ME3 was particularly bad at least on PC, with different/nonexistant shortcuts for certain things, Journal all over the place etc)

But I guess it’s nice to see Hale getting to host this thing since it took Bioware three games to feature femShep in their marketing material and her official design was chosen via a literal beauty contest (yikes).


And this isn’t the place for me to say they made the wrong choice but it is the place for me to point out that a majority of the vote went to the one with long hair for that reason alone.

With the news of Saturday’s tabletop game, I also can’t help but think of back when Austin was on the Beastcast, he talked about when some rich white guy wanted to pay him to GM for his son… Hopefully this is nothing like that.

Hopefully it’s where we learn that there’s been the Geth version of Zakus this whole time, everyone knew about them, but we just never saw one anywhere else in the franchise.


The power dynamics should be completely different, especially if the cast is also being paid by Bioware (which I’m admittedly only presuming). It’s not “entertain my child for money” but “collaboratively produce an entertainment product for money”.


I will say that there is value for PlayStation fans to have a straight remaster, as there’s no good way for them to play on the PS4/PS5 currently. And like @Ryguy says, it’d be pretty cool to have the games on Switch.

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I would love to see the trilogy with a fresh coat of 4K/HDR/60FPS paint, but I’ll admit that the fact that the alleged remake apparently does not include the ME3 multiplayer is a downer. I get why not (needing to continue supporting a multiplayer mode for at least a few years), but as someone who spent entirely too many hours on that mode, I’d love an excuse to revisit it.


they better not change sheperd’s horrible dance with his dead lifeless no fun face


Absolutely, and not having to deal with Bioware Points to get the DLCs is big for PC users too, literally last week I was organizing some files and found the .exes for the ME2 DLCs that I’ve been lugging around since fucking 2012 because the only alternative is to re-buy them on Origin and for a loooong time it wasn’t even available on there iirc.

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Hey, if we’re just ripping into Mass Effect, it has not aged well that everyone refers to Legion with “it” when they refer to themselves with first person plural pronouns. Like come on, you’re not even just blundering through gender neutral pronouns, they’re a collective of AIs, who would default to calling them it?


Shephard dancing like Esteban Winsmore

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Borat of Second Life.

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At the other end of the scale they have to keep that amazing turian tearing up the dance floor too



Still the most interesting and terrifying concept in the Mass Effect Universe relegated to a side conversation played as a joke that is never mentioned again.