Matt Conn, known abuser, still working in games

This is going to be even worse than that title implies, btw.

So, for those out of the loop, Matt Conn was the head of queer gaming studio MidBoss and ran GaymerX, until he was outed as an abusive employer and possible sex pest. You know, paying below minimum wage, grooming, run of the mill harassment and so on. A real giant piece of human trash. Details:

Now, I had been aware that Matt Conn, living sack of rotten food, had managed to get a new gig in the gaming world. What I was not aware of is how many significant names were involved in keeping this monster around…INCLUDING SWERY.

I’m not joking. Thread here:

Here are the most notable bits from said thread.

So, to sum up:

Matt Conn, known abuser, is friends with the creator of Toejam and Earl, the creator of Duck Game, fucking SWERY of all people, and actively works with all of them as they basically keep him in the gaming industry and give him more opprotunity to abuse more people.

And somehow both Nick Robinson and Chris Niosi (aka Kirbopher) are also involved in all this (one a sex pest who solicited nudes and sent unsolicited dick pics, the other an emotional abuser who was and may still be friends with PsyGuy, a known groomer of underage girls).

What I’m saying is that video games were a mistake. On a more serious note, I will NEVER play a single thing ever again any of these people were involved in.

I am BEYOND mad right now. I am actually shaking and have been all morning.


oh fuck

I’ve been meaning to get around to playing the Missing but after this? Shit, this is hard to take in.

Yeah, this is astonishingly horrible.

This isn’t a matter of views, this is downright empowering an abuser.

I want to offer my condolences, even though it might seem out of place to do so. I know all too well how rife this industry is with abusers and rapists who get protected by their peers.

Nick Robinson is doing better now than he was pre-outing of him being a scumbag. His Youtube channel is way, way up, peaking over 4M/m three times since April last year. He lost 10k subs around the time everything about him came out and since then he’s gotten all that back and then some.

It’s a real shame that this stuff is so quickly forgotten about. Particularly when people like Nick never tried to really apologize or make amends. He just went radio silent for a few months then crawled back out from under his rock.


My question though is how much of this is “forgetting” or “just not giving a shit”. I’m positive there are people who never had any reservations about supporting these kinds of people.


I have no idea what community (besides abusers as shown here) Robinson is part of now - I sort of feel like his success now just comes down to making something that goes viral. Maybe I’m totally wrong but it does feel that the industry, or at least media, has shunned him and it’s just him and a group of creeps who are able to prop each other up.

Again, maybe I’m being naive, but that’s kinda been my read.

A group of creeps that includes the creator of Toejam and Earl, a major name in the Japanese indie scene, a successful voice actor, and more.

This isn’t nothing. Even Polygon was incredibly questionable in their announcement when they let him go, what with the wishing him the best of luck crap.

I doubt most people know what he actually did beyond some online circles and that is infuriating.

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I think you’re totally right that most “gamers” or whatever don’t know what he did. And I want all these dudes to disappear forever.