MCU Phase 4 Discussion

I’ve been avoiding this topic because I haven’t seen Eternals yet, but I’ll stick my head in to say: Hawkeye good. Mostly the confluence of Hailee Steinfeld being great and the Fraction/Aja run it’s drawing from being superb - though I’m that rare person who actually likes Jeremy Renner, ever since that episode of House where he’s a patient of the week, even if he’s been given practically nothing to do through most of his very low-key MCU appearances.

I think it’s interesting already that Hawkeye is leaning in on that, what with Kate getting a whole scene where she lampshades how “low-key” Clint Barton’s entire style is. (Which is obviously going to go the “Clint lightens up and passes on the torch”, in the series itself, but the comment on the actual writing of Clint Barton in previous movies must be intentional.)

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After the Unofficial Bridgestone Musical, which goes way harder than you’d think and is now Grammy-nominated, I’m here for people taking cracks at making musical adaptations of popular media.

A nontrivial percentage of TikTok is literally just that. There’s a whole Ratatouille musical out there. Honestly the only thing I was hoping for musically out of the MCU was a scene in which some of the Avengers helped Cap reform his barbershop quartet

Hawkeye Ep 3: I don’t know if this is just me, but the main action sequence seemed kinda disjointedly cut to me - there were definitely places where it felt almost like there were continuity errors.
That said, the non-action bits still flow and are written well, and there are even some touching moments. Although I’m always a little iffy about Echo’s “mundane superpower” being that she’s exceptionally visually aware and thus a super martial artist because she’s deaf and had to focus on her visual senses. Because, shouldn’t that mean that all deaf people can be super martial artists? (Yes, I know, this is sort of a thing in real life - blind people tend to have more acute hearing just because they rely on it more, for example - but I always feel this sort of “compensatory superpower” needs to be handled very well and carefully to avoid the various potential unfortunate implications.)

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I feel like, with the exception of WandaVision, the MCU’s D+ entries have all kind of suffered from pacing issues because they feel like they’re making movie sashimi instead of a TV show (WandaVision had different issues but it was definitely a TV show). Here we have what would be the big End Of Act I setpiece from a movie. I do like this show (the big arrow gag got me 100%) but it feels like Marvel’s settling into a janky formula for their TV output and I’m not sure how much of a continuing appetite I have for Hat Content if they aren’t going to do anything with it.

Catch me at the end of next week’s episode when the Big Twist And Those Characters You Know show up calling this the best show ever.

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I’m fairly meh on Hawkeye so far. I think because it doesn’t have the Christmas vibes they implied was going to be in it and it basically just uses the same logo from Matt Fraction comic - which I think is one of the best Marvel comics I’ve ever read.

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I have to admit, I am a bit saddened by the general lack of Christmas vibes too (perfunctory conifers nonwithstanding).

If you’re gonna try to do a Shane Black, don’t write your dialogue with hints of Whedon.

Man, seems like I should have paid more attention to the content of the episode instead of how the limbs on those bows would get twisted to shit at a minimum the moment they started swinging them.

Knowing things is always dangerous when watching one of these shows

Iron Man 3 is my favorite MCU movie for a reason. Just throwing that out there.


Eeexactly. That Predator movie Black made didn’t happen right?

How did you feel about the ‘having them strung for long periods when they weren’t going to be used’ thing, then?

Shivering. Same as when they showed that Kate keeps a bow leaned up against a wall vertically.

And come to think of it, how is either Hawkeye getting away with not using an archery glove? Those have to be at least 40+ Ib bows. I mean, you’d think by now Clint would think ahead and always have at least a cheap leather finger tab in his pocket.

It happened, I can’t pretend otherwise. But The Nice Guys at least happened and everybody pretends it didn’t.

Despite Renner’s undeniable thumb-ness, I can’t get away from how much I’m enjoying Hawkeye. It feels like “Disney+ Marvel does Netflix does Marvel”, and there’s something really fun about that? It’s more lighthearted (mostly) than the run of Defenders but its street-level focus is entirely new to the MCU (yes I am including Homecoming), and I think it’s a pretty solid start.

Also it seems like they recognize that Steinfeld acts a necessary foil to Renner’s grouch. It’s a fun interaction and at the halfway point I have yet to get tired of the joke. Maybe that’s the secret to good casting with Renner; you gotta put him next to someone who has plenty of charisma so that he can act like sandbags to their buoyancy. It definitely makes me root for Kate, despite how overconfident she can be. I mean, Hawkeye always has been the no. 1 supporting role…

Regardless of how all this mysterious mystery schtuff resolves around Kate’s family, I think that’s my main takeaway. Decent action with some pretty neat trickshots and less holiday flavor than I was hoping, but the strong characterization is definitely bringing me back.

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ohhhh man as someone who has watched hundreds of hours of Arrowverse in the past 12 months you would NOT like what Oliver Queen & co. get up to.

I gotta say it’s pretty surreal to watch a Marvel show about the bow guy after following CWDC for… 9 years (that can’t be right). Like I’m literally watching a scene where two archers slap bows at each other right now. You get used to it I guess : P

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I think I like Hawkeye more than Falcon and Winter Soldier or WandaVision, but it does sometimes veer into perhaps the most dull, formulaic Marvel stuff harder and more often than those shows. I like Kate, though, and I’m glad at least one of the Young Avengers is getting a lot of character and screen time, because the others were really just kind of like ‘hey look, it’s Elijah Bradley… moving on,’ which is probably one of the more disappointing aspects of the D+ MCU stuff.

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I think I like Hawkeye better than F&WS so far too (although I’m still willing to give WandaVision a lot of slack for the swing they took, to the extent that they took it). I feel like all of these shows have come apart at the seams a bit in the final third, so I would like to see them stick the landing for a change.

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