MCU Phase 4 Discussion

Yeah, the other way the ending would have gone, I feel, if they hadn’t gone so 4th wall smashingly meta about it, would have been the same all the way to Todd injecting himself with purified Hulk juice and then… just exploding, because as Bruce noted Hulk blood is extremely deadly to 99.99% of the population, not a source of super powers. And then probably some bit about Abomination/Emil being performatively upset about the people he’s giving a talk to being assholes… but basically straight into the “true ending” Jen gets out of K.E.V.I.N except with Todd being exploded. Which I do think would be an improvement on the current situation.

Also, on another note: does this mean that we can expect Matt to get visits from Jen in his new Daredevil series??


Ever since the trailers showed Daredevil was going to be in this I have been wondering if the end result would basically be “Jen and Matt form a law firm” (and it took me way longer than I care to admit to notice her show was set in LA and therefore this was geographically problematic unless one of the characters moved cross-country). I think especially because her crappy corporate law job seemed so ripe for an “…and I quit to go work with Matt Murdock and actually help people!” finale. Given where the finale leaves their relationship (?) I could definitely see at least a cameo in Daredevil: Born Again, but it seems like dropping a Hulk-powered superhero into that show would be a very different dynamic than the old Netflix Daredevil so it really depends what tone they’re aiming for.


Well, that’s the thing: Daredevil works well in the She-Hulk setting because you can lighten the setting and still have him be played-straight for the most part. She-Hulk in the Daredevil setting is both a few power levels up from previous super-guests like Luke Cage, and also has a lighter tone to her in general, it’s not clear how well you could make it gel - unless the entire episode was a lighter one

Also also, on a different topic: the mid-credits sequence shows that not only is Abomination/Emil “4th wall aware”, but apparently so is Wong? (I know, I know: this is just true when he appears in She-Hulk and isn’t going to be important or remembered anywhere else…) Although I did just realise that Wong might have been talking about being caught up in watching another TV Show, not being in one… although I still choose to believe that “4th wall sight” is a Hulk power. :stuck_out_tongue:


I finished up She-hulk last night and went into the final two episodes not feeling great about the show based on how people were talking about it. Really just the revenge porn plot point seemed iffy out of context. But I left feeling pretty good about it.

As others have pointed out, the ending with K.E.V.I.N. falls a little flat when taken along side every other marvel tv show. And unless She-Hulk is going to completely buck trends in season 2, will ultimately feel a little empty to me. But it was enjoyable and I love seeing Charlie Cox again. Interested to see where a second season goes, especially now that we have the character pretty firmly established.

As for future speculation, I’m also not sure how well She-Hulk works in Hell’s Kitchen. Matt showing up in LA works because he has a secret identity and nobody knows who he is. Given that Born Again is supposed to be a reboot, I’m not sure who is going to know about Matt/Daredevil and having Jen/She-Hulk show up in New York may lead to people asking questions that a more serious show wouldn’t want to engage with.


Sans spoilers:
I continue to be delighted with Charlie Cox, who has both serious range and maybe the best “Middle American” accent I’ve ever heard out of a Brit.

With spoilers:

Hilarious. But you only get to do that once. And not only because they basically burned all the jokes in one go.


Guess they’re not planning on doing a Gwenpool show anytime soon, unless they start off with a gimmick infringement bit :wink:

Paul (Rudd) having no good car ideas is now MCU cannon.

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Did they decide that they were just going to make their own Guardians of the Galaxy?

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  • Cassie Lang suited up as Stature! Going back to banging the drum that says “Young Avengers when?”
  • Jonathon Majors sure is busy lately (this is a good thing)
  • Surprisingly non-comedic tone for an Ant-Man movie. I wonder how much of that is just this trailer, how much might be the effect of bringing in a character like Kang (I’d speculate about the general reaction to Thor: Love and Thunder being far too comedic for its own good, but other than some reshoots I don’t know there’s enough time between that release and Quantumania for a really major tonal shift to be a “more serious” movie)

Planet Blue: I’m thinking of ending things with the MCU. - Bumping this thread (I dunno if this is the right one or what) to share my thoughts on Black Panther 2.

in case some missed it: the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special out on the 25th (in 3 days) is the official end of Phase 4 and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania will be the beginning of the Phase 5.

I kinda feel like they threw the whole “phase” thing out the window after Endgame both for lack of narrative structure and Covid but that’s interesting to know

oh yeah phases really feel meaningless now lol. the announcement suddenly at SDCC that phase 4 was ending in november and showing off 5 and 6 at once really felt like them trying to reignite public interest in the MCU since the pandemic , the lack of a clear future for the universe , an absolute deluge of content to keep up with and most people feeling satisfied to call it quits at endgame has caused some big time fatigue.

i still haven’t seen eternals , thor 4 or BP2 and i really don’t know if i care to ever get around to those.

You can 100% skip Eternals, unsure yet about Thor 4 (though I wasn’t super digging it) and BP2’s worth checking out when it hits D+

i’ve gotten to the point with my home movie watching (the majority of it) where if i’m gonna watch a movie over 2 hours it better be really good. my attention span is bad at home. it’s much easier for me to focus in a theater but disney has done nothing to make me wanna see their movies in theaters since they just show up on disney + 30 days later anyway

I worry that movie is so dim that it will be Season 8 of Game of Thrones level of unwatchable on your home television.