MCU Phase 4 Discussion

Spoiler for Infinity War: Vision dies.

So far, that’s the only really relevant detail to WandaVision. They have been very, very careful about not explaining what’s going on in the broader MCU while this is happening, so it’s tough to tell at this point if there’s something else you’d need to know.

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So we’re getting the “Meanwhile, in real life” treatment this episode. Monica Rambeau! S.W.O.R.D.! Kat Dennings’s character from the Thor movies whose name escapes me! Good and Marvel-y, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kinda miss the sitcom.

I am vastly disappointed by how fast this show just turned into an MCU story all at once and explained everything.

All the mystery and new ground, bop. Instead here are call backs to four different older movies.

Do you feel safe now, fans? It’s the same thing again.


Yeah, it does feel like they rather lost their nerve here - after the end of episode 3, I was expecting a little more MCU intruding, but this sudden, unsubtle, whiplash change.


I suspected a hard turn coming if only because I have no idea how to mix the precise pacing of the old sitcom with the MCU stuff.

Dang, this is disappointing to hear! I’ve never been super into the MCU, but I did watch tons of old sitcoms as a kid! From the trailers it looks like they’re going to continue their tour of sitcoms through the decades, so hopefully this was a quick detour. Everyone involved, but especially the actors, just NAIL the cadence of these eras of sticom so well! Kathryn Hahn toes the line perfectly! Her performance is always over the top, but in exactly the way it would be in a sitcom from the era. This show has been a joy to watch, so I hope we get more of that!

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I’d like to think they’re not done with that (if only because they do it so well - they actually got Dick Van Diagnosis Murder in to consult!), but the ratio of sitcom to MCU is going to tilt a lot more heavily in favor of MCU now.

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Please enjoy this poster I made as the result of my speculation for what is going on in this show.

edit: only, you know… it won’t handle the theme nearly as well.

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The site went into read only lockdown not long after I posted this. Coincidence? I think not.


So, WandaVision Ep 5 happened… I think this episode has a much better balance between the sitcom and not-sitcom elements than episode 4. However, I’m still not sure how the writers expect this to be appealing to the non-utterly-nerdy part of the public. I get why it’s a great metafictional twist to have the other actor who played Quicksilver in a movie be “recast” as Pietro at the end… but my partner, who cares not a whit about the complex metaplot of the MCU, and has seen exactly 1 X-Men film (the first one)… was very much enjoying the “self-aware sitcom with growing touches of Lynchian horror” that episodes 1-3 were, and has near lost interest with the show after the last two episodes.


Just when I thought this show was out of mysteries!

I’ll necromance this thread once just to see if anybody’s still watching WV because I am very torn on this week’s episode.


Someone on Twitter was wondering why WandaVision didn’t have a “big bad” yet and a response of “what if it’s just grief?” really got to me. What a great setup for this show and what a great theme for this, our time of collective human grief. They were doing it!

And then, today, they undid it. And not in a particularly clean way either. It’s not like you could really go back through and say “Hey, Kathryn Hahn really seems like she might be secretly a villain.” It was a cheesy retcon montage.

On the other hand, I’m really happy that

  1. they’re opening up the Dr. Strange magic section of the MCU because there’s loads of interesting, weird stuff out there to mine
  2. Kathryn Hahn gets a chance to really devour some scenery. She’s so good. I love her.

I am continuing to love the weekly style parodies with last week’s Malcolm in the Middle-ish style being an absolute delight.

My fear is that it will, like other Marvel properties, become about THE BIG STORY and I will lose interest. I’m just so much more interested in the small-scale speculative fiction that can be told in the world. The bigger the stakes the less interest I have.


They saw my babadook fanart and had to change the plot on the fly because I was too close to the truth :pensive:

So since they’ve basically hit the most-recent modern era of sitcoms, will next week just be MCU shit or will they go full weird and experimental and imagine what a sitcom is like in 2030?


Not before I get my Bob’s Burgers episode!

Seriously though, it’s a bummer that they skipped over the 90s, where the family sitcom zeitgeist was in animation thanks to The Simpsons. I was really hoping they would have done something animated at some point.


I was kinda dissapointed that we didn’t get a Friends or Seinfeld parody. If nothing else this show is a reminder just how much TV changed in the 00s. The Office started a year before Malcolm in the Middle went off the air and they feel like they were made in different decades.

I think the show was consistently aping the tropes of family sitcoms, so I think the picks make sense. I don’t see how you’d include the twins in a show like Seinfeld, for instance.

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Personally I was hoping they’d take a page out of the CW hero shows, with the intro going:

“My name is Wanda Maximoff. For five years I was cast into a state of non-existence by Thanos”


Desaturate everything and the house turns into a big warehouse loft.

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