MCU Phase 4 Discussion

Still not too late to do a Twin Peaks: The Return inspired episode.

That’s… almost like a sitcom.

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eh, I saw the same discussion and:…

Whilst I agree with the general critique of (MCU stuff in general) not breaking the self-imposed rules of the genre enough - and whilst I’ve complained a bunch in this thread about the “Twin Peaks” style stuff being thrown away far too quickly via Episode 4 (and every other sequence in the “real world” since)…

Actually, one of the two most popular guesses that people had about the “true villain” of WandaVision was… Agatha Harkness - and people who guessed that had been arguing, since episode 1, that it was probably Agnes who was Agatha.
She’s much more actively involved with steering Wanda around in all the episodes than any of the other “cast” are, from the start,
she’s played by Kathryn Hahn in the first place (so from a meta-casting standpoint, why would they “waste” her on the Agnes role?),
and in the sequence where Vision finds Agnes “frozen” in ep 6, you can see her eyes flick to him before he unfreezes her (given the quality of the show in effects, a lot of people assumed that was an intentional clue - and it seems like it was).

(The other big guess was that it was Mephisto - and that Mephisto was pretending to be Pietro to directly manipulate Wanda - based basically on the same ideas of who’s around trying to manipulate her in the background.)

Do I wish they didn’t feel the need to have a big villain (other than, arguably both Grief and Hayward, from different directions): yes. Was it pretty clear that a likely candidate for Big Villain if they had one was Agnes? also yes.

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Ah, okay. I had largely stayed out of the speculative discussion around WandaVision because 1. the only people with whom I have to discuss WandaVision are you folks and 2. I had the entirety of the first Avengers movie spoiled for me by the person ahead of me in line who recited half a forum’s worth of speculation to me as a means of making conversation.