Meatspace Table Games w/ Waypointers?

Hi there, haven’t played a roleplaying game in a few years and I’m looking for people to play with.

I’m moving to NYC and I’m really excited to be in a big city again and get to meet and play with amazing people (I’ve been living in a small rural town for the last few years). I know you can find tabletop groups through Meetup or Adventurer’s League, but I was wondering if there was any way to find games with other Waypoint people. Or do any of you live in NYC?

Thanks for any advice, I couldn’t find anything previous in the forums.


This is appealing because I live in Brooklyn and want to meet new people and play tabletop games, but also I have a group of friends I play with and we already have enough trouble coordinating that every month or so. :confused:

Other Brooklyn/NYC folks, if there were to be a meetup for playing tabletop RPGs, where would our Waypoint be?

While this is a great idea and a good thread for gathering interest in any meetups, the mods would like to remind folks that any meetup details (specifically time and location) need to be arranged using private messages for safety reasons.


Thanks for the reminder, not looking for anyone’s specific details but generally wondering if there was a way of finding other awesome Waypoint people as a starting point for looking for tabletop buds.
@NeoRasa do you mind if I DM you when I move?

If anyone else is interested in tabletop and in NY, hit me up!

I have 3 games going a week, PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT.

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Argh, also I am moving to Harlem because of work reasons when I feel like everyone/everything I like is in Brooklyn. Hope some of you aren’t that far from Manhattan.

If anyone is in Vancouver I’ll be moving there in August and if any people want to play some meatspace games then I’d be very interested!

I know this post was originally looking for folks to play RPGs with, but in case anyone is interested, there’s a Root meetup hosted by a local game store in NYC which I’ve been attending recently.

They recently opened a new location in lower Manhattan and have started hosting multiple (free) open gaming nights every week, including some RPGs, in addition to the weekly Root night. The folks I’ve played Root with there are all friendly and it’s pretty good atmosphere but it’s an open event so obviously I can’t speak to every night.

Dunno where this falls with respect to the mods wishes to avoid posting details so I guess I won’t post the exact name of the meetup, but if you’re interested feel free to DM me and I’ll send you a link.

Hey, I have a fairly inconsistent group in Vancouver, might be interested in trying to get a bi weekly or monthly session going with other folks. Shoot me a DM when you’re in town!

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Hullo, I’m in Vancouver as well, I’m vaguely interested and might be able to manage something monthly. Bi-weekly would be a bit much for me though.

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Will do! I’ll see if @juv3nal is around then too. Currently my flight in is early august, might need the month to get really settled but I’ll message y’all around then!

I don’t live near any of you, which makes me the perfect candidate for the role of “guy who can’t make it this week.”

Every tabletop group needs one. I’m very good at it.


So my GM did one of these:


Anyone in the Atlanta area LFG?

As it happens @Dornath @skonrad83 @juv3nal I also live in Vancouver and could be persuaded to game with some waypointers…

I will be there in less than a week! We should probably PM everyone who might be interested and start laying out some info on it eh?