Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries

After 17 years a new single player game is coming out on December 10th. I am super excited. I loved all the Mechwarrior 4 games a ton and have a flight stick & throttle that have only really been used for MW games. The game looks pretty, hopefully it turns out well!

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I hope it’s good! It’s by the MWO devs, right? The combat mechanics in that game felt right, even though I didn’t care for the weapon balance for PvP or their monetization scheme. Being a single-player game (hopefully) eliminates those concerns, at least.

You never know what to expect when a multiplayer dev shop tries to put out something with a story, though.

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It’s the same devs, yeah.

Also going to have an online VS mode, I think? But I’m curious to see how it turns out. Though I probably won’t be able to afford to pick it up til next summer, so… plenty of time to see how reviews shake out.

This is unfortunately going to have to be a wait and see for me. I’ve loved the single player MW series. MW3 was my favourite, probably. I really enjoyed the salvage experience there of having limited storage and sort of making do from behind enemy lines.

But money is tight and I’m struggling to justify purchasing anything, even in the sales. We have renovations going on and they’ve been hitting the wallet hard. I hope its good. Will be keeping my eye on it.

The videos so far have looked good! And honestly I am just happy to talk about this game somehwere else than the subreddit because it’s toxic trash.

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I very much would like to play this in VR.

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