Meditate much? Be calm


Hiya! Headspace was useful for me for sure. And i can very much relate to the mind wandering aspect, it still happens to me a lot. I stopped HS as I had to make various budget cutbacks (not that is matters here of course for the free parts) and am actually using an App called Peace now, as I answered some of their questions on a reddit thread and got the premium for doing so. Overall I would say Headspace offers a better package but if you are looking around for other free apps then Peace is worth looking at.

Whatever you find, I hope it continues to help. I must say that when I haven’t sat for a few days, I notice the difference a lot now. So I am really trying to do this at least once every other day (life stuff very much in the way right now).


I have a similar issue I find meditation more a source of frustration than anything helpful. Yoga has had more positive impacts for me.


My SO has found that they really like the app Calm. I think you get a week free, so it can give you time to evaluate if you want to pay for it.

Learning to not evaluate each session I think illustrates the point of meditation. You’re working toward being present (in your mind/body) and accepting things for what they are and let them go. I’m not saying I’ve surpassed feeling frustrated, but I think it’s a worthwhile practice to cultivate. Certainly helps shrug off the little things that agitate that you can’t change.