Meet the Meticulous Fan Behind the Internet's Most Meticulous Mario Blog


“You can call me just Broth, for the purposes of this conversation,” said the voice on the other end of the Skype line.

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I adore Supper Mario Broth and the super weird/specific stuff they find, but it’s sometimes very hard to figure out if it’s a bit or not. It’s so deadpan funny so often that it, like… it has to be, right?


This is a really good article and I do wish all the best for Broth after reading this. There was a lot around the blog that I wasn’t familiar with, even though I’ve followed it off-and-on for years.

What a great interview, thank you for reaching out to them.


I love these interviews with niche internet people.


Man, I worked in a job similar to what this guy does years ago. I’m incredibly glad he’s starting a patreon, just so I can support him and help keep his lights on.

He’s genuinely doing something no one else is, and something no one else is likely to ever do. He deserves every penny of support he gets.

Plus, its likely to turn up every possible instance of fat yoshi in existence. Which is a mission I fully support.