Metal Gear Solid 5, did you like it?


I liked a lot how free you were to approach missions however you wanted to. The open world added a lot in this regard, as it allowed you to approach from different directions, or at different times of day.

It also got a lot of details right. The character movement and animations were just great. I loved the sprinting animation in particular, together with the heavy thud thud sounds of your footsteps while you were running. And I loved the fluidity with which you could transition between sprinting, crouch-walking and crawling.

I also find the story to be underrated. It’s a bit hard to find, but definitely there if you look for it.

It is probably my second favourite Metal Gear game, after MGS2


Played it thrice. I liked it since the reveal, GZ, release, and still love it now.

Was disappointed about the story at first (comparing it to other MGS titles) but the thread is there and enough for me to go on. KojiPro mechanically nailed it on this one and sadly wanted more of it (felt the Phantom Pain man).

I realized that I have a few “What ifs/Wished they” stuff on this one: Battle Gear, mission variety and locations. The gameplay solid and the freedom you get in approaching missions is so satisfying as I placed it as one my top 3 MGS games.


Personally I loved it, warts and all. I got so sucked into it. The gameplay is practically flawless, it’s so smooth and so much fun to do all the base sim stuff. I just wish the game was more finished. There are so many story threads that don’t even go anywhere at all. Plus I swear every single cutscene in the game was in the trailer with Nuclear. But I almost don’t even care about all that because the gameplay is so much fun. I actually want to go play it right now. It’s very weird to play a game for 80+ hours and still be left wanting more, but that’s the feeling it gave me.

For what it could have been, MGSV is terrible. For what it actually is, it’s excellent.


Recently MGSV (and also Peace Walker, depending on whether or not I feel like playing in bed or sprawled on the couch (I have it on Vita)) have become my go-to games for relaxation. I love building my bases up, and MGSV controls so goddamn well that I can run about doing side-ops (or just looking for soldiers and equipment worth grabbing). Also it’s nice to be able to pretend you can avert a nuclear holocaust these days for some reason. It’s deeply relaxing to sit in my helicopter, listening to D Dog pant, and manage my soldiers and such.

I also think the story engages with interesting ideas, but the execution is all-too-frequently rotten (and Quiet’s narrative is deeply harmed by the character design. I would have greater respect if Kojima had just said “I wanted some hot titties in the game” rather than saying she breathed through her skin (you know, like the End, who curiously did not need to have his bare wrinkled ass on display in order to function)). It was a bummer to have some of the best content on the tapes (I like listening to the tapes, myself, but I wouldn’t have minded another cutscene or two), and Skullface and Snake’s romantic Jeep ride starts out fantastic, but then goes on too long. All the talk about communication and language was super interesting to me! It could’ve been a million times better!

I still love this game and it is the best playing Metal Gear ever (like Dan, however, I think the title of “best MGS” can be argued to be any one of those games - for me, depending on the day, it is usually 1 or 3 (but also 2 and 4 are so good! And I really only picked up Peace Walker seriously again (i.e. with Intent To Finish) a few weeks ago but you could make a good argument for that too, even though I hate not being able to crawl and pick up bodies SO MUCH (and that second Peace Walker fight is fucking brutal)).

Anyway yes I love MGSV - Ground Zeroes might be a Perfect Game, in terms of its self-contained environment and squeezing as much content as is humanly possible out of a single location - and have happily dumped a stupid amount of time into it.

I also spent some time with the online multiplayer (not FOBs, although I caught myself sliding down that rabbit hole once or twice) and enjoyed it a lot. Last time I booted it up on PC though it was just me and one other dude, which is less than ideal.


Best ever implementation of stealth action gameplay, with fantastic controls and movement, fun weapons, engaging AI that invited you to mess around and seek unusual solutions, and brilliant stage / base layouts that inspire multiple approaches to any given mission.

All that aside, it was obviously incomplete, which makes what I wrote above all the more painful.


D-Dog should be the main protaganist


I was okay with Quiet once I got used to her outfit and then researched her some actual clothes. (I like looking at scantily-clad women, but come on.)

I would just about donate an organ, though, for a mod to the game that would give her a few more tunes to hum. The same four notes over and over got a little maddening.


the only good thing about quiet was the ocelot model swaps of her cutscenes


Quiets main cutscene for mission 45(?) Is brilliant, as is her usefulness in missions. She also has a couple of decent alternative outfits. Her major flaws are the ridiculous outfit she wears plus not speaking and calling her “quiet”. Like they may as well have just called her woman yanno cause she is a female lol.


Love it.

It’s not the “story peak” of the series but it’s EASILY the gameplay peak of not only MGS but all of the action adventure games. There’s still no other game with those fluid controls and possibilities. Yes you can beat the game with a tranq sniper but that’s on you for being boring, there are tons of way of beating the missions and I’ve had a blast doing those. Only shame is that it obviously got cut in development and we never got the finishing DLC and the side ops are lame.


I used to love the Metal Gear Solid games (1-3), but didn’t finish 4 for some reason, and have always regretted it. I got sidetracked though.

With 5, I tried to get into it but just couldn’t. It didn’t do much for me. I didn’t exactly like the open world structure, the sending grunts up to your base with balloons, or even having a base. While I’d like to add both to my list of beaten games and experience them fully, I don’t know if I ever will.

It’s weird, since it was pretty much my favourite franchise in the PS2 era.


Because it’s a 15-hour-long cutscene? Don’t get me wrong: I liked it. But man, is there a lot of watching people talk.


I thought it was really good. Crazy how it still came out on last gen systems too.

The story was bad, Quiet was an embarrassment despite being cool if they just let her be a silent badass vs nearly nude woman dying for your attention.

Gameplay loop was as perfect as it could be for 2015. Until Horizon and Zelda BotW I would have put TPP as top game this gen.


Sure. That could’ve been part of it. I was also renting and playing far too many games at the time.


I did

I think the minute to minute stealth gameplay and “emergent” moments are second to none

80s soundtrack was awesome. I like Quiet a lot.

My only issue is the required side ops to progress main ops missions. I’m the kind that when given an open world game, I like to plow through the story, I don’t mess around in open worlds.I wanna see the end and move on to the next game. I don’t appreciate when my progress is gated


I only started enjoy it after finished the story (that I hated).

Doing the side ops missions from time to time is quite fun and relaxing.


From a gameplay point of view it was great, but from pretty much every other perspective I found it to be pretty dull. The open world zones were boring to me. The mission based structure didn’t motivate me enough to keep playing. The story and characterization of Naked Snake sucked, even though it’s explained in the story… still sucks.

Take the mechanics of 5 and put them in a game like 3 and you have a perfect game.


I played like 10-15 hours of it, and whilst the moment-to-moment was pretty amazing it also got monotonous fairly quickly. I just didn’t find the aesthetic and setting interesting enough to make up for the lack of story or narrative past the first few hours. Which is a shame, because knowing what the overall narrative themes are I’d have much preferred a 10-20 hour game that was heavily scripted (and in which Quiet could be a more interesting character because of how she’s tied into those themes).


I liked it enough. Story and boss fights were super disappointing,but the gameplay is some of the best in the genre. The many different ways you could encounter each mission were a breath of fresh air and made me able to push past the second part of the game. If the gameplay wasn’t sublime I don’t think I could’ve pushed through the second chapter since the story was awful.


MSG V was an extremely fun game in terms of the moment to moment experience. The story had a core of very interesting ideas held back by sloppy execution and unfinished material, but I am actually mostly fine with the big reveals at the end of the narrative rather than feeling truly “betrayed” or disappointed. It is definitely a case of Kojima wanting to freak out the public as part of the wider thematic exploration, in his own weird way, yet for me that’s to be expected in a modern Metal Gear title.