Metal Gear Solid 5, did you like it?


I tried to like MGSV. I still try to play it every so often, but I just can’t get into it. I loved 1 and 4, never got into 2 or 3 though… So I’m not a MGS superfan or anything…

It’s just such a departure from what I likes about the previous games story wise… Or maybe I just never played until I got to it? I’m 10-20 hours in doing random missions…


About 15-20 hours in. This is my first MGS game ever, so I’m just ignoring the story bits because that prologue made zero sense.

I absolutely adore how this game sets up the feeling of being out in the field versus “going home.” The loop of deploying, doing a few missions, then heading back to mother base for a shower is really rewarding.

Not to mention the gameplay is extremely fun. I am glad the game allows you to play stealth or go loud if you choose. Yeah stealth is required for S ranks, but I’m not playing for perfection.


Fantastic gameplay, by far the best in the series, but of course it lacked of the usual Kojima’s punch. I believe it’s still better than 4, at least it’s not a total chore to play through, but the ending result is still disappointing and derivative. Also, some gameplay and qol decisions where totally Kojima’s fault, you can’t blame everything on Konami. Forcing you to replay various missions to see the actual ending was really shitty. The main theme, language, was also a wasted potential. All in all I consider it a good game, just not the best way to end the franchise.


One of the best open world games ever made. Unfortunately it raised a lot of questions that will now never be answered. The combat and stealth sequences you can plan out, execute, and adapt to were amazing. Everything felt so tight, snappy and responsive. The amount of weapons you had and customizing them was awesome.

But it had downsides. Some of the story beats were hit or miss, the structure could get a bit repetitive, theming your base seemed kinda half baked, playing as your soldiers was pointless and the currency changes they made a while after launch were gross.

But I don’t think those flaws can tarnish the last great work from Kojima at Konami. The game stands out as one of the best in the genre, by a lot.


I tried hard to love it. I did like it a lot though.

I just felt that it was some incredible gameplay with not so great mission/world design. I wish it was similar to previous Metal Gear games, with one incredibly detailed location, be it a base or a forest or whatever. Story was also a real let down.

Whatever my feelings on it, I would still describe it as a must play, just for the level of ambition it has.


It was a mixed bag for me.

The story was crap. Quiet was a truly awful character design with a truly awful rational behind her outfit (or lack there of). I hated the boring open world traversal.

But the combat and gameplay were great. First time I actually enjoyed that in an MGS game (caveat that I never played 4 so can’t comment there) instead of just suffering through stealth gameplay (not a fan usually) and clunky controls.


I loved MGSV in terms of gameplay. As a stealth/action third person game it probably offers the best gameplay experience I’ve ever had.
The game though lacks in several other departments. The story is clearly unfinished and uninspired. The structure of going through independent missions to advance negates the openness of the world. The side missions just become a repetitive chore after a while. The fact that you have to repeat main missions in the second half of the game is something I’ve never understood. It’s lazy game design and just takes away from the story.

Even with all that, I did really enjoy the game (I actually platinumed it). I’d love to get a remake of the old MGS games in the Fox engine (which is probably never gonna happen!).


V leads into Metal Gear. I think that would be more deserving of an update. Playing as a young solid snake. Taking down Venom. Would be glorious.


I had a dream the other day that if you played through Metal Gear Survive it turned out to be a fake-out and the game actually would pick up where MGSV left off, only you are Solid Snake and you have to murder Venom.

I was disappointed upon waking.


Without being to spoilery …

The mission with Quiet … The one with Tanks and some pretty gnarly violence … then ends with one of the most emotional scenes I’ve seen in a game for a long time … the music and acting nailed that scene …

If MGS 5 was filled with those sorts of moments then it would have been amazing.


I loved it and I wish they had managed to finish it.

Even as un-finished as the story was I reckon it’s the best action stealth game ever made.


I’ve owned it since launch, and haven’t played it. Wish I hadn’t had the twist spoiled by unmarked spoilers in this thread, but it’s my own fault for having not played it yet I guess.


Mechanically, MGS5 is the best of the series. It maybe the best feeling game ever, every step running or crouched feels like it has heft. It just feels so responsive. Storywise it is a little underwhelming, it starts off strong, but I dropped out after the first ending once it became clear that there wasn’t much more in the way of story. I still resent how they dropped David Hayter for Kiether Sutherland. As good as Sutherland is in the gruff soldier role it’s clear that they didn’t have much time with him to record dialogue. It’s such a shame that it feels so incomplete. That said, there is as much depth and nuance to what is there already than most other games could ever hope to have. MGS5 just has that latent feeling of genius under everything.

In terms of emergent storytelling, it’s perhaps more amazing. I remember the mission escorting the kids to the LZ and being chased by enemy soldier, then you hear Kids in America blasting from the helicopter as it lays down machine gun fire on an enemy gunship. So brilliant!


Excellent playground with an excellent toolbox of things to do, items to do them with, and baddies to do them to. Unfortunately, it was all wrapped in a bunch of nothing with no sense of story stakes whatsoever.

But even worse was the base management stuff, and it ultimately turned me off from the game entirely. It would have been fine if the base management were unnecessary, but once it became necessary to pay attention to what I was unlocking in the base for the use in the main stealth game, I got super soured super quickly.


Overall I loved the game, but it went from being an unequivocal “one of my all time favorite games” to “a game I enjoyed despite its best efforts.”

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer tries to design a car and ends up tacking on so much extraneous bullshit he bankrupts the company? That basically describes my experience playing MGSV from launch and through the subsequent weeks as Konami kept adding more and more new systems.

I think (or at least hope) they eventually found a good balance with all that stuff, but it was rough playing as they were constantly fixing what wasn’t broken and further breaking what was.


A fell off MGSV when first played after the first 10 hours. Went back to it at start of this year and now 90% completion. It is having the same loop as Hitman for me mastering the environments, and with the checklist of objectives to do and trying to S rank making me explore more tools


Fuck man, this game.

The story was bare fucking bones and then I accidentally got spoiled on the twist (which is like the only good part of it) trying to look up if I had already finished the game or not on the internet because the mission structure is such a goddamn mess that I actually didn’t know.

Ugh :frowning:

Gameplay is supposed to be top notch and super variable but I didn’t really notice that because I used a tranq gun and not much else for 90% of it because, you know, I’ve been playing MGS games for a while now.


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I loved it. Few games have felt as satisfying from a mechanical standpoint, and as downright odd as the story was at times (and there is some problematic bullshit in there, no doubt), the way it conveys just how empty revenge can be still sticks with me.

At least D.D. will never leave me.


The minute that I saw Quiet’s design and Kojima’s defense of it, my interest in MGS as a series was pretty much done tbh. Can’t support a dude who can’t take criticism actually coming from a good place. From what I read, after MGS4, the narratives go off the wall and basically devolve into even more of a mess than their usual fare, so I’m not fussed about missing them.