Metal Gear Solid 5, did you like it?


For me, easily the best in the series. In fact, as a big fan of the series, it kinda soured me on some of the previous entries when I looked back on them after this in a number of different ways. Sadly, I think it’s also the most misunderstood game in the series that occupies this weird space where even people who did finish it hold and spread these false beliefs about aspects of it and discussion is rarely about what’s in the game so much as what apparently should have been or centres around the very little we actually know about its development. Which is a shame but I don’t ever see that changing, because they were things that were already set in stone in most people’s minds even before the game’s release.


Metal Gear Solid V could have been the greatest game ever made if things happened differently. It plays like Metal Gear has always been trying to play like. It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing a game. I will actually defend a lot of the story decisions in the game (Quiet’s costume is indefensible though, like at least give her a sports bra and why is she wearing torn up pantyhose, come on). If the second act didn’t end so abruptly the story would have been one of the better MGS stories. People who say there is no story are conflating half-hour long cutscenes and codec conversations with narrative.

I could write a whole essay about how MGSV is extremely good, actually.


I’m playing through it now. I just started Chapter 2, and I’ve been finding myself skipping cutscenes lately. Granted I watched Metal Gear Scanlon so I already seen the story, but that was so long ago that I don’t really remember that clearly. I really enjoy the gameplay. It’s so fun sneaky around fultoning soldiers to build up the DD forces. I’ve also found myself getting frustrated with it lately too. This is more my own fault, because I’ve been doing all the side quests. So I think I’m going to focus on the main story for a bit then cruise through some side missions.

So overall I enjoy playing it, but maybe since I already know the twist (which I thought was pretty cool) the story just seems to be getting in the way of my fun.


MGS V falls into the GTA V territory of technically impressive open world game where I really enjoyed playing it and really disliked the story. When Chapter 1 wrapped up I immediately checked out of the story and only moved past Mission 36 to get Quiet the XOF uniform, aka actual clothes.

The places its gameplay design goes is nothing short of amazing but the story, how it’s written and how it’s presented just sucks.


To be honest? I just didn’t gel with MGS5. I thought the gameplay was weak…like, anytime i shoot some guy, either no one notices (and they are like 5 feet away) or about 6,700 guys come at me. The parachute thing is ridiculous and the overall story is not engaging at all.


I love it a lot more removed from the hype train. MGS is my favorite series, specifically 2, and MGS4 felt thrown together haphazardly. Like Kojima was filling in blanks he intended to leave open ended.

I was hoping MGSV was a return to form… but the trailers were more impactful that the actual plot for me.

But with distance and level expectations… It’s a fuckin’ stellar game. I want to go back and play through again so I can enjoy it fully without being such a downer.


MGSV is one of my favorite games of all time. Some of it is because of it’s crazy story, but most of it is because of I never felt like a game had ever so accurately interpreted what I actually wanted to do in the game. So basically I’m saying it’s extremely mechanically impressive (to me).

One point in the story that stuck with me was When you had to go to the isolated platform and kill your own men. There they stood, saluting and crying because their belief in the Boss and his mission was their lifeblood.

Being a huge fan of stealth games and games that allow for a lot of experiment (Deus Ex series, Dishonored Series, Metal Gear Series, Splinter Cell, etc…) is why I loved this game so much.

I only wish Kojima was allowed to finish his whacky, convoluted story. But in the end, I still love this game because of what it allows me to do in it, which is definitely a lot.

I am not apologizing for defending its faults because holy moly there are a whole bunch, I just really enjoyed my time with it!


I really loved MGSV. I think it may be the best controlling, best feeling game yet made. From the way you feel each of Snake’s footsteps whether he’s sneaking or full on sprinting. Everything just has this deliberate heft to it all. I played a bit of that MG: Survive beta and that game still feels worthy of play because of how good it feels to control.

Considering previous instalments in the series have contained 90 minute cutscenes, I was surprised how much of MGSV was actually playable, how much of it was open, how the game did offer you these crazy emergent moments that occur thanks to the variety of systems at work at any given moment.

On the mission when you are saving the child hostages, you have to fight through a canyon and then you hear the enemy helicopter bearing down upon you. Luckily your chopper is on it’s way. At the last minute as the enemy is about to strike, you hear the distant sound of Kids in America and in comes my purple chopper laying down fire that sends the enemy wheeling into the Savannah.

I suppose within the context of the levels and the wide variety of tools previous MGS games gave you, there was always that emergent streak or a degree of openess, the ability to get through a certain level your own way, (MGS2 allowed you to either kill or tranq. your enemies) but MGSV applied this to an open world setting. And there are clearly authored ‘cinematic’ moments in there, the whole introduction, the scenes with Quiet for example which showcase all of that attentions to cinematic language but also those really strange moments like the long car ride with Skull face where there was the feeling that something grander was supposed to be there. I always think about how much involvement Kojima actually had, because presumably it was cut short.

It was just a shame that the game didn’t get the proper ending it deserved. And maaan… did I miss David Hayter as Snake. It definitely feels like they didn’t have much time with Kiefer to record all the lines. But then… this wasn’t the proper Big Boss or something (I never completed it). Before Breath of the Wild. MGSV set the precedent for open world games, it definitely still does when it comes to games dealing in combat and warfare.


I loved it for what it was and accepted what it was not. I wish the series could continue but I just cant see how this will after Kojima leaving Konami.


Yeah, it’s a really great game. Towards the end it got a little…long in the tooth, but overall it’s a great time.