Metal Gear Solid Has Always Been About The Busywork of War


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MGS has been my favorite game series since I was a child. Its also the greatest story ever told.
But when I first played MGS2 as a kid, I didn’t enjoy it because it felt so repetitive, it felt like i’d seen it before, hence why I thought 3 was so refreshing when it released.

Fast forward to playing MGS2 as an adult and I was completely blown away by it, it made me double think my personal favorite list.

Then when MGSV released and I poured every waking hour into playing, I found myself enjoying the rinse and repeat gameplay loop, because I knew how it ended in the grand scheme of things, I knew what happens in Peace Walker and I knew What happens in MGS1 so the grind was exactly that, it was busywork that I felt was necessary to get to the place for MGS1 to happen.

Damn I love Metal Gear


As someone who totally bounced off of MGS2 when they tried playing it (as their first and only attempt at the MGS series), what changed for you between the two tries of the game? For me, it wasn’t so much the repetition as the repetition which needed you to go through several minutes of cutscene between tries…


I think just being older I ctually understood the story opposed to when I played as a kid so there was that added layer to the game, I werent just playing to play a stealth game, I was now playing to unfold a crazy story.

Also the cutscenes are one of my favourite parts and with having a love for the other games in the series I knew what to expect in that regard