'Metal Gear Solid V' Players Achieve the Impossible: Nuclear Disarmament

On July 27, Metal Gear Solid V’s PlayStation 3 community deactivated its final nuclear weapon, briefly achieving nuclear zero and triggering a secret cutscene for the game. It took five years of coordinated effort, but the PlayStation 3 Metal Gear players briefly achieved what Steam and the other consoles couldn’t: a world without nuclear weapons. Moments after achieving nuclear zero around thirty new nukes rushed to fill the vacuum of power.

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Damn, I guess in 2020 anything is possible…

So, this is for people who are actively playing right?

My old roommate bought it for PS3 and never finished it, so his game doesn’t count towards it right?

Anyway, MGSV is a great game that is bogged down by an unfinished story.

I would argue that the game would be better with no story at all, given how awful the few story bits that are present are.


Class that they finally nailed the gameplay aspect right as they just gave up on the story


Congratulations Gamers, you did one good-hearted thing

From what I read, players can steal nukes from other bases and dismantle them. So the count could include inactive players, if active players were motivated enough to do a sufficient number of nuke-stealing missions. Would be interesting to have a more informed answer, though.


This Ars Technica article has more details about the process, including interviews with some of the players most involved in the push to dearm.

That mechanic is a brilliant troll. And the article on what it took to happen is fascinating, in terms of what it reveals about game communities. I’ll give Kojima some credit here, that’s is a great (and pretty educational) thing to put in a multiplayer game.