Metal Gear Survive Beta

The Metal Gear Survive beta launched yesterday. It’s 8GB, and is available on XB1 and PS4. Has anyone tried it?

I launched it last night and…well look. Here’s the deal for me: I am in awe of the tightness of the Fox Engine. I personally feel that MGSV is the best-controlling, most versatile third-person action game of all time. Everything about it looks and performs exactly as I feel that it should. I went into this game knowing that (probably) no one involved with MGSV is involved with this game, but hey, if they use the Fox Engine as a platform and don’t mess with any of the control mechanics, how bad could a survival game built on that model possibly be?

Well, I haven’t played much yet, but I’ve made some unfortunate observations right off the bat. Notably, everything about this game is modeled on MGSV, but every element is missing a sense of polish that makes everything feel at least a little bit off. The menus are uglier, and in most cases, are more difficult to navigate. Some animations are straight-up fucked up. For example, pull out a weapon and ‘aim’ with it, which locks your character’s view straight ahead. Walking left and right while crouched causes your character’s legs to shoot out in those directions like fuckin Octodad. Compared to the precision of the animations in MGSV, this is extremely jarring.

But I mean, I’m willing to look past flaws if the core gameplay is good. As yet, I can’t tell. The interface is just awful. It’s extremely unfriendly, and makes no apparent, intrinsic sense. The mission setup interface is your character, placed in a sort of Animus-type empty white area, which has objective markers on the ground around you, identified by ambiguous floating iconography. You walk into them and they present you with different options.

I was trying to get into the game, so I walked to the first one I saw and it presented me with a short menu. I chose one of the missions on it, and the menu closed. I just stood there, waiting. I discovered I now have to walk over to a different marker to start the game. So, I did, and it just dropped me in to a mission with no real explanation as to what I was supposed to do.

I ran around the area while a countdown timer expired, collecting materials and killing a few zombs, but the game never told me what I could do with materials and what the timer was for. This felt like a serious shortcoming: I should have been presented with a tutorial before I could go so deep like this. I’ll bet that there is one, somewhere in the Animus area, but dude…what the fuck. Just give me a text menu.

Does anyone have any experience with this thing yet? If so, what the hell is it?

It seems to be a design-by-committee approach to leveraging an IP into making some more money off the Fox Engine and assets created for a different game.


Walker’s Law aside,

the Giant Bomb quick look made it seem…oddly compelling in its own way? it looks like, by slapping together concepts from previous MGS games combined with that wave of survival-focused early access steam trash from the past 2 years, konami might have accidentally made something bigger than its weird scavenged parts. i seriously might get this thing when it comes out, barring whatever gigantic amount of potential bullshit konami could whip out between now and then

edit: the robot voices are absolutely perfect

The GB quick look is partly why I downloaded the beta. I just want to get to whatever Brad was doing in order to give this a fairer shake than it probably deserves, because I agree, it seems like it could possibly be more than the sum of its parts. My experience with it so far has muddied that initial impression, though, but I still want to see what this game properly is before I decide I guess.

Is one of those AI voices John de Lancie? I can’t find any info for it online but the voice is a dead ringer.

Also this is petty but I wish the backlash to the game was rooted in a meaningful discourse of “we don’t approve of the reported abusive workplace practices at this developer” rather than a combination of Kojima cultism and boilerplate consumerist indignation exploited by self-interested video pundits.


Weirdest damn pachinko machine I ever saw


Well… you can do this so it’s not ALL bad.

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