METRO - Cyberpunk 2077 will have more Inclusive Character Options




I can have augmented teeth but my gender identity is still determined by my voice, good job CDPR


So, can I rant about the music in this game?

This fucking sucks and is lame as shit:

I like Run the Jewels, but holy shit…

I’m actually finding some of the Refused tracks for Samurai to be not bad tho:

Until I see this running on the base Xbox One I don’t believe for a second that they have gotten it to run even okay on last gen consoles

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Everyone likes RTJ until Mike says something dumb or they do some corny shit like this. Only Logic would be a more appropriate choice for this game and its target audience.


The game leaked.

The guy playing gets to character creation and goes, “What am I looking at BRUH.” Then skips the whole process, stats and everything lmao


Cyberpunk 2077: Gaming’s ultimate bruh moment.


I bet it would be fascinating to see what Day Negative 20 Cyberpunk looks like compared to the final thing from an academic perspective.

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Well, there are some articles with a mirror I think.

I’m not gonna post it cause I think it’s against the rules.

That’s exactly why I didn’t say “Post it,” because even if it isn’t against the rules, 1. it should be against the rules and 2. I’m sure the video will be gone shortly

AFAIK this person is the vast majority of gamers.


There’s currently a humble bundle up for the 2020 tabletop game with I believe includes every book that came out for that version.

I read through these a long time ago just because I liked the lore and the art and played maybe 3-5 sessions. It’s very dated. It was published in 1990 so keep in mind what kind of attitude to expect if you’re considering picking it up. That said I really do think Pondsmith has world building talent and I still love the life path mechanic and I could spend an entire day just doing rolls for that to generate characters.

The game itself is pretty roll heavy, you’re rolling for where bullets actually land on someone for example. I think it is a game that would probably be best played on a computer or with a computer nearby where you can quickly generate rolls or else you’re going to be spending time looking up things like shotgun damage tables based on range.

Edit: Rereading through some of these let me just be really clear that CW all around for what kind of things you will find in them. Pondsmith and the other writers really wanted to paint a dark future and make a point of trying to fit just about every terrible thing you can think of into them for how human beings can treat each other and honestly some of these do not serve a good purpose in story telling.
“When the Chips Are Down” in particular just seems like bad lazy writing to explain why a player character has anxiety attacks. In the Cyberpunk setting it seems like you could come up with all sorts of reasons instead of resorting to sexual violence and abuse. Another player character is supposed to have a fridged lover which as far as I can tell serves no purpose at all. Which really sucks because the run itself seems interesting enough without it.

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Cyberpunk Red just came out too.

I was actually not aware! Looks like it’s getting pretty good reviews even from people not interested in 2077. Apparently layouts really good and has plenty of links in the PDF to jump around to relevant related sections which is honestly a really nice touch that I wish more would do.

Honestly if they could give Shadowrun pressure to improve that would be greatly appreciated given the latest version…

And also the first person to jump on Reddit to complain about a game getting “dumbed down for casuals” when some minor QoL feature is added.


gamers: ignore stats and character creators, play as default white guy with default class

also gamers: if you do anything to make gameplay smooth and accessible it is a personal affront


The best part is reading all the reactions from gamers who are SO FUCKING ANGRY that he doesn’t seem to care about the game at all.