METRO - Cyberpunk 2077 will have more Inclusive Character Options

I actually think Legion might be able to pull off their cyberpunk world. After all, it sounds like the goal is to actually overthrow the government rather than YOU WANNA GET MONEY CARS AND ROBOT ARMS BOOOIIIII

Alright. That nailed it. Pack it up everyone. We’re done with cyberpunk.

Now, let me pitch you on my genre focused on capitalist critique, socialist themes, 30s-40s technology, and mediterranean climate settings. Let me sell you on, Steinbeckpunk.

It’s like dieselpunk but instead of a horrific adoration of futurism, you have misery, dust, agriculture, and the quiet anger over the fact that you’re just an abused cog but at least nature is just so damn pretty.


Man, this is like when a movie trailer shows you all the best bits of the movie and the rest just sucks.

I was 100% sold on that first trailer. I knew it was going to be a GTA-alike, but from these last few trailers it’s way more GTA like than I realized. Even with the humor and the stereotypes.

CDPR’s shitty buisness practices and politics aside. This is the least interested i think I’ve ever been in a game. It seems offensively sterile considering it’s supposed influence. It’s like what if Saints Row 3 but absolutely serious

Oh god I just seen the style video.


CDPR retweeted a cosplayer who pretended to be trans (complete with laughing emoji for their glow-in-the-dark…unit) for their Cyberpunk cosplay and I’m just so tired of this company, game, and overall universe I find myself living in.

Also like…you said your posters of a similar character in the game were meant to be bad because they were exploitative and therefore you were Commenting On It by having them in the game…then you retweet someone unironically doing what you said was bad?


one of the most ridiculous parts of this is not only was the cosplay transphobic as all hell, it was just straight up bad. they couldnt even be a shithead right.

The glow in the dark penis was literally upside down. the wig looked like shit. This game is legitimately one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen in AAA videogames and im just completely baffled that people think it looks good, at all.


What baffles me is that CDPR keeps doing this shit, and yet there’s still people EVEN ON THIS FORUM who are still excited to play the game or planning to purchase it.

Like, come on, what is it gonna take?


Honestly, I’m just waiting to see what reviewers say. I wanna hear what people like Austin, who has a vested interest in the game, and others I respect in the space have to say around how the game actually handles these themes. I’m kind of going back and forth on whether all this shit is maliciously intended (Which it does look like.), or if they’ve really just fucked up so many times that recovery is impossible.

I also see conflicting stuff like this from the quest designer and others around the game:

Which, I mean OK, saying you’re an ally doesn’t mean you are one, but also it has me thinking, MAYBE the quest writing might not actually be that harmful. MAYBE, this has been just bad luck around marketing and miscommunication, MAYBE there might be some actual trans rep in the game that isn’t harmful.

I dunno, I just feel like they have fucked up, but there still might be something salvageable in what they made. After all, there’s a difference between what marketing, PR, and what a game actually says.

And I don’t want to appear like I’m sidelining marginalized people by being curious about the final project. I guess I’m just hoping for a redemption arc. I guess we’ll just have to see what reviews say. For some, what they’ve done already is enough, and I TOTALLY understand that.

I’m in the same boat. I hope the game is great and has something worthwhile to say but the marketing makes it hard to feel that way. The PR around it certainly has been a disaster. As far as I’m concerned everyone involved in the PR should to be fired along with the upper management of the company. Blacklist all of them.

Edit: A good summation, for me, is that Witcher 3 wrote a ton of checks that Cyberpunk 2077 is cashing in. And it cashed in a ton of that credit and is rapidly running out.

It’s not just a retweet.

The costume was a finalist and made it into their video highlighting all of them.


Does anyone actually know the specifics around this art contest? I’ve seen a lot of people doing extremely detailed concept art style illustrations and fan art that look extremely labour intensive and I cant help but think about how a game literally called “cyberpunk” has a tie in spec-work art contest and laugh, but I dont actually know the specifics around it.


Oh cool, it’s even worse than I thought, then.

To add to this, holy shit she wasn’t even creative about what trans character she was playing, it’s literally just cosplay of that poster chick really showing off how shitty and implausible a real person looks like in that getup.

Literally the direct shitheaded action and following shitty result of bad faith rep laid neatly bare.


Maybe all the transphobia that’s already been in display far outweighs any possible slivers on trans rep in the game that might be good and realize this isn’t a balancing act of “good” rep balancing out bad rep.

Maybe realize there are tons of trans creators making games (and media) with trans representation and the AAA space isn’t one worth looking at for the bare minimum when it comes to representation, and trans people are exhausted seeing the people in their lives continue to support transphobic games/media because it’s the popular shiny thing.


Cyberpunk? More like, cringe as fuck

This is actually probably just some shitty sponsorship thing, but it still begs the question of who is in charge of these marketing decisions, and why are they comically dedicated to making this game sound unappealing

Every marketing decision around this thing is the most Capital G GAMER choice…


I’m normally easily impressed and willing to overlook bad marketing for something but lol I haven’t seen a single bit of promotion for this that hasn’t felt disastrous.

I kinda like the Keanu TV spots with “Bad Guy” playing in the background. Role playing a shithead in a dystopia sounds weirdly appealing in the same way it was fun to get five wanted stars in GTA and see how long you survive.

If William Gibson were dead, I’m sure there would be a grave he’d be spinning in.

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As much as i groan at Gibson going the way of most of the white authors of his generation and growing to have the same neo-lib ass politics their early work supposedly decries, (looking at you, Stephen King) i do give him props for saying this game looks like shit on his twitter along side his David Frum retweets or whatever.