Metro Exodus and Death Flags

I just got to the part in Metro Exodus where we’re having a nice party and everyone is talking about settling down and retiring and starting families and WOW are the death flags rising faster than I can keep track.

What’s the most obvious death flag you can remember seeing I think these things are wild.

Probably when Eli starts telling me WTF is going on with the G-Man.

I was like, “OH, you’re DEAD now huh?”

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The biggest death flag in games is to be a parent/sibling/partner of the protagonist. So many games use death as the emotional center or the rising action so if there’s a person who the protagonist is close to at the beginning of the game, it’s too easy to write them off.

What kind of death flag allows you to vault over your loved one’s grave?


Fire Emblem: Hey kid I need to tell you something really really important, but only after this mission… Yeah lol, sure dad, sure you are.


Is the tone of the game already sad/somber? Do you have a horse or animal companion?

I am very sorry.

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Except in Shadow of the Colossus, because the horse lives and you die and become a tiny baby idiot boy who may or may not be the kid from Ico


I remember in the original Fable when you’re asked to leave the village after doing some tutorial chores by your mom I was like “oh dang i’m gonna come back and this whole village is gonna be on fire” and then it was.

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