Micro-Strategy Games Thrived in 2020

There was no shortage of fantastic indie games in 2020. Supergiant’s Hades made the roguelike genre more approachable (and way hornier), Spiritfarer helped us reckon with the magnitude of loss in this grueling year, highly anticipated Spelunky 2 finally arrived, and lots of popular titles made it onto other platforms, like Grindstone on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch continued to be an extremely robust home for independent games, thanks to its broad indie library, and the sheer number of people who purchased the console this year (sparking a shortage) to entertain themselves during quarantine. And somewhat older titles have still been going strong; Stardew Valley published its largest update yet, to PC. 

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Those are some really great recommendations, I’ve been eyeing Carto for a while now! It was kinda funny to me how the title mentions micro-strategy games since two games I’ve played last year and quite compelled me fall exactly into this category, despite not being from 2020: Death Crown, a super stylish black and white RTS in which you literally play as Death and Simmiland, a tiny civ-like card game.

Right now I don’t have the mental bandwidth to engage with much else besides puzzle games and Spelunky 2 lol, so I’ve been playing a lot of Picross for a Cause; it’s more picross, it features puzzles with several colors (they can be pretty hard!) and all the proceeds from the game go to NAACP LDF.