Microsoft Determined To Make Xbox Live Gold A Bad Deal

Story updated below following Microsoft’s reversal on this change.

Microsoft has increased the price of Xbox Live Gold, their online service. It now costs an additional dollar a month if you subscribe monthly, $30 for three months, and $60 for six months. Coincidentally, when I turned on my Xbox Series X for the first time yesterday, I got a special offer to get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a dollar.

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The thing that gets me is Microsoft’s continued insistence about charging for multiplayer when their PC strategy shows how hollow that policy is. I can crossplay in Gears or Halo with my PC owning friends, and for the same exact service they pay nothing while I pay for gold. I get the play about pushing people into gamepass, but why not drop the gold tier entirely and focus on that? Making gold a bad deal only serves to hurt the players that they seek to make money on. Like, I’m a GPU subscriber and am really happy with the service. But I have a friend from way back who literally only wants to play Halo MCC, and owns a disc copy of that game. Now it will cost him twice as much to play online with me, and therefore he will be less likely to re-up his sub. So there goes a reason why I keep logging in and paying for game pass.

I dunno, there’s gotta be another shoe dropping with this news. Maybe free games having free multiplayer? Because if not, this seems like a major self-own for Microsoft.

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Xbox Game Pass should be a net positive for a consumer, but it existing right next to Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Live Gold or whatever… There’s games you get with Game Pass and Games With Gold and those don’t always overlap and PC-only Game Pass games and on and on it goes…

I’m totally lost now. Wut. I guess I won’t get any of this stuff then.

Both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus are long overdue for a much larger rethink. But as I sit here and think about how, precisely, I would rethink those services, I think I accidentally invented cable packages again.


IMO kill off gold and upgrade everyone currently to GamePass and tell them when it’s up they’re going to have to pay the new price. I think it would serve them better in helping to transition players over. Right now it’s confusing as @BlueHighwind pointed out. Just make it as simple as possible, do you have GamePass xbox, GamePass pc, or GamePass ultimate. That’s simple enough that most people will understand.

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That, or turn Gold into Game Pass Lite. You get the back catalog but not the day-and-date stuff and all the discounts but playing online is free for everybody now.

Idk why but this reminds me of when WWE introduced the Network and then had the announcers start ridiculing anyone who chose to tune in via PPV. Maybe it’s just corporations being dicks to people in the hopes they subscribe to what they want.

So I’ve been checking stock for Series Ss for the past several months and definitely would have purchased one had I ever seen it available. But this is such a sham when you can buy a decent PC and still get GamePass (which was the biggest sell, to me, on Xbox) + free multiplayer. Is this… what finally makes me a PC gamer?



Grand opening, grand closing.


Just when I think I’m out they reel me back in. Now they’re gonna get people buying a few years up at a time, too. Kudos to public pressure tho. The Gamers with a rare dub.


If you’re still interested in PC gaming it’s actually not a bad way to go. Designing and building a PC is a really satisfying experience and you really don’t need much technical knowledge to do it.

That being said, if you’d rather go Series S, it appears that the Microsoft store (at least in Canada) has them in stock currently.