Microsoft @ E3 2017

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Stream here:

Time of start is 5 PM EDT/2 PM PDT.

“Microsoft is happy to show the first full trailer of Bioware’s new IP Anthem Exclusively on Xbox. It’s definitely never going to go multiplatform. Trust us! Buy the Scorpio, please; we only want all of your money!”

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Am tempted to try out Mixer and their 4K stream for this. I wonder what’s the chances that all falls apart when the service sees a spike of traffic.

I hope we also hear that XB1+ will be doing 4K60 streaming (and capture) from the box because it’s a real shame you have to buy a capture device for the PS4Pro to get anything beyond 1080p capture from it (considering how standard it is on PC for gaming GPUs to also have a dedicated encoder that’ll happily grab 4K60 as you play).

Things I’m expecting:
– Halo announcement
– Segment about support for indies on Xbox (and some announcements from big-name indies)
– Another HoloLens game demo

Scuttlebutt says the price on the XBone Scorpio will be around $499. Geoff Keeley at least seems convinced.

I’m expecting that to be a false rumor spread so there’s interest and excitement when the price turns out to be $399.

Despite Microsoft doing a lot of good things, they can’t bring me back since they loss all Japanese development, any indie game they have is also PC base and will come over to other systems, and I can’t spend money on a system that I’ll only have a few games on. Best I can give them is do what right for the people you have.

I’m probably never going to buy an Xbox One, in lack of money and interest, but I’m excited to see trailers for games that will almost certainly be on PC or PS4 sooner or later. And I like Bioware, so I’m excited to see some gameplay for Anthem; I hope it isn’t a multiplayer-exclusive.

I really HOPE the Anthem being exclusive to XBOX thing is a lie because that would suck.

It coming out on PS4 and PC too. Microsoft probably just asked to them to do their reveal at their conference.

Since there’s no general E3 thread:


Honestly Microsoft would have to pull some INSANE shit to get me to care about anything even remotely connected to Xbox right now. Like, the only thing I can think of would be an exclusive Miyazaki Directed Fromsoft release, assuming their next project remains as much My Jam as basically everything they’ve done for years. And even then, we know they’re doing SOMETHING for Switch, so whatever that is could easily keep be sated until whatever exclusivity deal they have falls apart like they always do.

Lordy, this show has one hell of a chance of being embarrassingly pitiful, and I don’t know if that’ll make good watching.

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Just give me Forza Motorsport 7.

Porsche in the base game and get VW back as EA have apparently been able to work with them this year; invest in several new good tracks to get the variety back up this generation and do a proper pass on existing tracks to flag corner-cutting so ti can be barred by requiring clean laps; dynamic weather (proper precipitation accumulation and snow handling) and time of day (with accelerated time options so you can race 3am to noon within a medium-length race); the Forza Apex team certifying it for PC not the FH3 cert group who dropped the ball; car clubs and auctions with more of a focus on club vs club challenge options than before; release this year.

I’m easy to please. Just do it right now we’re on the 3rd attempt at FM on this generation of consoles.

So these shirts are being given out at the Xbox event:

This makes it sound like the Scorpio is some sort of mad science experiment. Like, it’s gonna be the size of a car, and it’s gonna play about 10 seconds of some car game before bursting into flames. It looks like the inside of the TARDIS and Phil Spencer will be running up and down it flipping switches in a lab coat screaming about the “Next Generation Of Computer Games”, the lights flickering as it siphons power from the entire E3 complex. When it’s over, Phil Spencer is arrested for Computer Crimes, dragged away by British cops in plastic hats while screaming about how he “needs more time”.

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This appears to be one of the official streams?

Yep, MS owned Mixer (Twitch competitor) will stream it in 4K. At least until the servers all catch fire.

‘Ever’ seems like such a disappointing way to word that when you consider how long video games are going to keep being a thing.

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Grabbed By The Ghoulies 2 or bust

Grabbed by the Twoulies

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They couldn’t just keep the name scorpion could they :confused: