Microsoft - E3 2019 Official Thread

can somebody tell me what that geoff keighley tweet is actually supposed to mean? i’ve never watched e3 or the game awards in any form and now i’m worried i’m missing out on a special feeling of empowerment and solidarity or something…

last year geoff had shawn layden , phil spencer and reggie come out on stage together at the game awards to show “unity” or some shit. i think he’s using what people know of what happened at the game awards last year to hint at nintendo being at microsoft

Happy the WORLD PREMIERE voice is back!


I mean if Cyberpunk takes the tack of “hey everything you do FUCKING SUCKS and is deeply traumatizing” then im more interested but hey really wish the company wasn’t transphobic.

KEANU FUCKING REEVES HELLO (still wish the company wasn’t mismanaged, transphobic, and alt-right coddling)



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Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077! lol, awesome

What!? Hell yeah! What!?


damn… the amazing worldbuilding of cd projeckt red, where you can have swords in your arms and also die from one bullet… looks bad

I would like to live on a big house boat with my big frog and deer friends.

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insert long winded rant about cd project red’s abusive management style, inter-company culture, and alt-right goons they let run gog here

I’m seriously disappointed in Keanu right now.

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Hey videogames, don’t let me hug a moose and then make me say “good bye” to them right after!

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Well what is this this deer game looks delightful

battletoads significantly less so

Deer game looked cute!

Also, another major CD Projekt marketing fail releasing Cyberpunk on 4.16 and not four days later on 4.20

Battletoads is the “fetch” of videogames

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Indie games on game pass continuing to make that service amazing

Really happy Dead Static Drive is getting some montage time, because that game looks so fucking dope for real.

Oh boy they’re bringing back Flight Simulator welp time to dust off the old HOTAS


I’m glad that psychonaughts got a sequel because I know a lot of people love that game. But man it does not look appealing at alll.

It’s more concerning for me because Microsoft was a huge problem in actually getting the first game developed.

And now they own Double Fine.

I just.


A story about a man trapped in a time loop.

With an eye catching tag line like that I absolutely need to pick that one up /s

More deers in games pwease