Microsoft replacing contract workers with unpaid volunteers


Just as I was about to cheer Microsoft’s initiatives into more inclusive controllers as highlighted by Patrick’s piece, they go ahead and fuck it all up. Per Polygon, it seems like they’ve let go of their support team under contract in favor of unpaid volunteers. Here’s the story:

Capitalism suuuuuuucks.


Ye, this suucks.

See also Amazon questions (you get a form looking like you’re asking Amazon but it just emails a random person who purchased the product and puts the Q on the store page, leading to a load of “I dunno” answers) for how this obviously doesn’t actually work as a substitute for qualified people who have access to a script and are being paid to provide accurate advice.

Oh, and Valve’s translation stuff going off the rails (although apparently Valve eventually won a court case related to when that flared up a few years ago), based on entirely volunteer labour.