Microtransaction Attitude Survey - Help Me Graduate College!

Hello everybody! I’m csm on the discord and you may have seen my discuss this there as well.

I’m doing a research paper about game player attitudes towards microtransactions. I have the following survey to collect information of how people feel about certain types of microtransactions and their effect on gaming as a whole. It should only take a maximum of ten minutes and does not ask for any personal information beyond which broad region of the world you live in.

I’d really appreciate the help!


Took the survey :slight_smile:

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Done! Well constructed survey, IMO (I could tell because I had to really think about a number of my answers in context). Happy paper writing!


Echoing the above about a good survey – hope it’s helpful for you, forum user BobbyHillAvatar.

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Can confirm; it did not take me long to complete. Good luck in the classroom!

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Just finishing. My one comment would be that the final set of questions could do with an “other” section. For

Microtransactions in competitive multi-player games usually make the game unfair. *

I don’t actually have any 1st hand experience of that! It also is the only question on that page which is a bit broad in scope. The others are more focused but that covers everything from Skins (which is fine, ish), to MP boosts/Weapons/Character packs (which is generally pretty scummy)

I filled it out three times so you could graduate faster. That’s how it works, yes?

(No, I didn’t)

I had the same thought. This was the only item that I couldn’t answer unambiguously because the relevant micro transactions could fall anywhere from pay-to-win to purely cosmetic.

Yeah, this question is the only one I would change. There’s a huge distinction for me between buying boosts/power versus cosmetic items.

(That said: former and sometimes social scientist here, and surveys are hard to write! This one is clear and well put together. Go graduate!)

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Yeah, it stands out more because all of the other questions are well written/defined. Definitely a good job on the rest of the questionnaire @BobbyHillAvatar