'Midnight Suns' Is Less Marvel XCOM and More Marvel Fire Emblem

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a very pleasant game, in many of the same ways that Marvel movies and TV shows are pleasant. It is a game of bantering and bickering coworkers, attractive people hanging in a cool and cozy clubhuouse, emotional bonding, and engaging but slightly unsuspenseful action. Which is to say, it is also annoying and forgettable in the way that a lot of MCU products end up being. However, Midnight Suns is more meandering and garrulous than almost anything the MCU has put out, making it more like one of those giant phonebook-sized omnibus edition comics that collect every last tie-in issue to a major comics event, so you can see every single character in the entire comics universe have a reaction to the main plotline and maybe get a chance to team up and trade quips with people they rarely cross paths with. Is it good? Well, does that sound good to you?

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