Milestone Moments!

So, I needed someplace to celebrate/brag/talk about it with people who might understand a milestone moment that just occurred in my gaming life. I finally (and I mean FINALLY) completed the hardest difficulty on Super Hexagon. I’ve been trying to beat this off and on for the last, oh I don’t know…three years? So I thought I’d open up a thread for others to brag/celebrate their own gaming milestones. (I didn’t see a thread for stuff like this already, but please feel free to point me to it if there is one already, and ignore this post).

In the meantime, you’ll find me dutifully attempting to complete the sixth and final stage of Super Hexagon, Hardestestest, for the next three years.


That’s awesome, congrats! The only thing coming to mind for me is that in high school I got way into Guitar Hero and ended up completing Through the Fire and Flames on Expert.

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Whenever I manage to beat my old score in Threes and unlock a new character at the same time, I feel very accomplished.
Been playing this game for years and I still play it from time to time where I gotta wait for a bit for whatever reason.

This past weekend I finally beat Super Mario Sunshine after 16 years. The lava boat section isn’t nearly as hard now that I’m an adult with a paycheck and muscle memory.

I feel like mobile games are perfect for these kind of long term accomplishments. If I’m taking the time to play a console or PC game, I’m going to default to something new and exciting, but I always need something to fill a few seconds/minutes while waiting around. I think I could have beaten Super Hexagon pretty quickly had I given it the time I give a normal game, but because I spread out the time required to get good over the course of years, it just felt more important when it finally happened.

Rock Band is another good one, especially if you only play on and off, or at parties. I can’t really think of a recent console/PC release that would elicit the same emotion.