Millennial Malaise: or Movies Made Between the Cold War and 9/11


Hey everybody.

First of all big ups for everyone who responded to my previous post with some helpful resources for writing. It was greatly appreciated. Secondly I want to share the fruit of that labor with a new series I’m doing about movies made between the end of the Cold War and 9/11. Yes that means a whole lot of cyberpunk talk. My first piece about Kathryn Bigelow’s Strange Days is up and I would love all you fine folks to take a gander.

I’m doing this purely out of wanting to write consistently, and would constructive feedback and communication. Thanks for all the help and have a wonderful day.


How’s it going everyone? I got another article up. This time about the 1992 heist film Sneakers. Which is simultaneously charming (Robert Redford can warm your heart with a smile) and prescient about the weird tech dystopia we live in. Take a look, and if you have the time offer some feedback.

Thanks for everything.