Millennials, How Many Avacados Do You Consume Daily?


For me it’s at least three gross


I probably spend about $44,000 a year on avocados and toast. :grin:

Glad my family keep giving me this money to buy food with but I do wonder if I’ll ever be able to buy a house in this economy.


Since I moved away from California my avocado intake has probably dropped about 3000%.


Fifty a day, though I’m going to have to cut back until I can take out another $30,000 loan for more avocados. So glad I’m eating avocados instead of buying a house.


Exactly 0.083, but I’m a fringe millennial.


I eat about a thousand Avocados a day and I’ve been using the pits to construct a primitive house. I’m hoping to expand the dining room this summer though so I will probably have to up that to fifteen hundred a day.


Just two: one to turn into guacamole, and the other to cut into slices and then dip into the guacamole.


free shavaca do


My grandfather gifted me a mere 34,000 avocados, but with hard luck and perseverance I converted that into an entirely self made avocado business.


If I average it out over my lifespan it’s a number that’s technically not zero but functionally similar.


So many that they mess with my millennial brain. I travel every year, live like the Kardashians, & have a Bentley.

I wish I could stop this vicious cycle to own a house & stop being a poor millennial.


Zero! They’re the blandest thing I’ve ever tasted.


I can’t even afford guac at Chipolte.


I’m on a low-carb diet so I live in a house made of the bread from my avocado toast.


I’ve been trying to move out of my folk’s place, but I keep tripping on these dang avocado pits!!!


I can only afford 3/day but I’m saving the pits to build a house.


My hand to god I have yet to digest an avacado. I think the millennial machine put me together all wrong like.


I’m an immigrant to the Bay Area so by California law I must gradually replace all the water in my body with avocado.


I don’t have an exact number, but enough to match my body weight everyday. Which gets harder the more days that this goes on I can’t afford it anymore please send help.




(so about 1 per week)