Millions of Deaths Later, Someone Beat This Nightmarish 'Mario Maker' stage

Unbelievable things happen to random people every day. Why not you? Or me? That’s been the dream of Super Mario Maker fans the past few days, as they’ve waited with bated breath to find out who the numerical cosmos would deem The Chosen One, the person granted that singular, one in 7.5 million chance to sail through a devilishly clever Mario stage that requires no action on the part of the player. No running, no jumping. Winning means being lucky, having so many things go precisely your way in the exact right order. It’s nearly impossible.

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Gratz to the lucky person!

Hope we will see a clear recorded on video soon.

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Austin “Mario Maker Truther” Walker, Editor In Chief,


For the record, my editor, Austin, a self-proclaimed “Mario Maker Truther,” would like me to note the problems with the argument explaining why the 13th clear, by a player named Lathan, has been deemed cheating. […] But it is, I GUESS, possible, and in the interest of hearing both sides in this deeply polarized climate, I’m relaying this.

it is with great sadness that i must register



If 937,500 people try this level, it is statistically likely one of them would win in 8 tries. Dunno how many people play, but just something to keep in mind.

Super Mario Maker sold 4 million copies so that’d be about a quarter of people who own the game trying to beat the level

for some reason, the more amusing install base comparison to me is that there were 13.56 million Wiis U sold, which means that’d be one in every fourteen or fifteen Wii U owners trying to beat it