'Mini Motorways' Is a Beautiful Game About the Futility of Roadbuilding

As the centerpiece of its act, Mini Motorways crafts the same cruel illusion as its predecessor, Mini Metro. It fools everyone into thinking that, this time, they really can diligently map out a transport network that will expand and that will thrive, rather than inevitably collapse into yet another congealed and congested mess. It also offers the same curious reward, that being a peculiar pleasure in the frantic management of an ever more impossible task. In the end, it is the journey that matters more than the destination, because the destination is always failure. But it is so much fun getting there.

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I was thinking the other day that this game is not about planning traffic routes for people to get to their destinations; really, it’s about keeping the buildings fed with workers. I began to see them as hungry organs that need constant feeding, and as they grow they need even more nutrients (of a specific color) to survive. One organ fails, the whole organism dies…no redundancy.
One I realized this, the game is cast in a new light. Homes are only connected to buildings when the buildings need more food (which results in many homes being unconnected to the city- which doesn’t effect the game at all)


Never played, but have gotten tens of thousands of passengers in the mini metro, so it seems like this would be an awesome game!