Miniatures: A Classic 'Clue' Whodunnit


In our first episode of Miniatures, we hired an intrepid improv comedy team to explore the creepy Clue mansion, and discover the true meaning of the game.

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“It’s a possibility, I’m not opposed to it.”

I’m dead. :joy:


I really dug this! I’d love to see more intersections between comedy (especially improv) and video games on waypoint.


YouTube Mirror to get around region error.

This is my favorite pilot so far, good stuff.


Hey wait, did you get a region error on this? Where are you from?


I got a region error too. UK.


Im not really sure what i watched but i think it was funny and i think that i like it?


Yeah, I got the region error on this video in Canada.


Boy, I hope it’s friendship.


Hey, thanks for calling out the region error!

It should be resolved for all countries now – could you let us know if you’re still having trouble?


The start was a little touch and go for me, just a skosh, but I’m glad I kept watching. That was really funny.


That last line had me rolling. Great work from the improv-ers!