Miniatures Painting and Gaming Discussion and Picture thread! (Image Intensive)


Lets talk about and share pictures of the small expensive figurines that we paint and play with! I am by no means an expert but I’m pretty enthusiastic about it and want to see what y’all got.

I’m getting into Shadow War: Armageddon and currently painting some Tau and Chaos Marines after a long break from painting, but here is the AT-ST from Imperial Assault that I painted just for fun

Six months ago I was really into WW2 minis, here’s stuff I painted for Bolt Action that I thought came out well:

edit: until we get a ton of discussion about any particular thing lets use this thread to talk about the games we play with these toys too!

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I’m mostly playing Guild Ball (fantasy medieval football) and Infinity (sci-fi skirmish game) lately, but have a ton of painted Hordes/Warmachine (mainly Trollbloods) stuff, too.

My most recently painted Guild Ball Masons (Wrecker, an armadillo mascot who can be mistaken for the soccer ball, Veteran Harmony, and Granite, left to right):

Steamforged is far better at game design than sculpting, but they’ve gotten a lot better since they started. I’m looking forward to their future output, since Guild Ball is an excellent game with a low barrier to entry (a game is 6v6, tournaments let you bring a 9-player roster and draft your 6 from that every game).

I really like Infinity’s miniatures, Corvus Belli employs some of the most talented sculptors in the industry, got on board the 3d modeling train early enough for them to have really found a style that works well with it, and is second to none when it comes to engineering metal models - their output since they dropped their 3rd edition a couple years ago has been consistently easy to assemble cleanly. It helps that their game is a bunch of fun, and the sci-fi universe they’ve set it in is pretty compelling to me because it provides a take on a cyberpunk, anime-style future that’s a bit different from the standard American set of tropes (CB is based in Spain, and their writing is good for showing me the assorted biases about fictional dystopian futures that I hold, at least). Most of my Combined Army from the last time I busted out my photo tent:

In Warmahordes, I mainly painted Trollbloods, with a side of Retribution.

Painting minis is an incredibly rewarding hobby, and definitely among my favorite uses of leisure time.


Warmahordes was my first miniatures game and I return to it every now and then but the miniatures don’t really grab me. I have a bunch of Cygnar but since it was my first go at painting its not that great.


Have some Age of Sigmar Forest Friends. I do love my Woodland Pals!

And also a bunch of the 40k gathering storm minis


I’ve boxed up my 15k+ points of CSM and Daemons (plus another 3k Traitor Guard) for the time being, with less space in my current living situation, but I do have a soft sport for kitbashing some very fun daemon engines. Some favorite photos from my Alpha Legion, my homebrew CSM warband the Bone Machine, and my Daemons:


I truly, truly want to dedicate more time to painting. I put together a little painting station in my office around March but I only got halfway through painting a Bones mini before I had to go eat dinner, and then I never got back to the brush. I have a whole hoard of minis to paint, too - between Assault of the Giants (which I’ve cooled on so I’m not as pumped to paint them), Scythe, Rebellion, and the stash of old D&D minis I still have, my work is definitely cut out for me. I just need to sit down and actually do the dang thing some night.

Anyway, the stuff in this thread is great and really inspiring. I really want to pick up one of the AT-ST minis from Imperial Assault so I can try to replicate what @danimo did. That looks so good.


I started painting only a few (couple?) months ago. I very much enjoy doing it. Not historically artistically active, although secretly always wanted to be.

I’ve only painted a couple Zombicide zombies as practice, and then went all-in on my Warmahordes army (which I also started playing a few months ago, and love). Trollbloods are my one true love.

In order of odlest to most recent jobs:

Braylen Wanderheart is pretty much my favorite model so far. And also my favorite and best(?) paint job so far.

I bought some basing materials, too, so I’ll get into that soon! Moving apartments in a week, though, so… gonna hold off for a bit.


The only game I play with much regularity is Warmachine, so I’ve been gradually trying to get through painting my Convergence of Cyriss army.

Pics aren’t always great; I don’t have a non-cell camera for the photos, and the lighting in my study generally isn’t very good, so they tend to have a bit of a sepia kinda look to them.

This gang won me the local painting contest at the Mk. III release, which I was pretty thrilled about. (Though I need to mark facing on the light Vectors now that they changed the 360’ rules.)

I’ve got some other odds and ends here and there. I pick up a few 40K models when I like the look of them (I play Necrons in Kill Team, generally) and I’ve got some WHFB Dwarves too.

I really dig purple, as it turns out.


@Arclight oof, that new mini of Cypher is a marked improvement on the old pewter cast I have knocking around. A testament to how much GW has been leveling up their sculpting game, these past years. Nice cloak work, to boot!


Thanks! I was a little self-conscious of posting it, seeing as there is already a very very good Cypher mini in the thread, and lord knows I’m still learning a lot about minis painting.

But yeah, their sculpting is something else of late. Just finished assembling Saint Celestine and her bodyguards and wowza is that some cunning use of contact points.


Everyone’s posted great stuff here! When I get some good photos I’ll post some of my AoS stuff, I’ve been working on lizardmen and a unit of those new sky-dwarfs, the Kharadron Overlords.


Those Kharadron Overlords look cool as heck and I want them. But I bought into Age of Sigmar with the fantasy space marines instead. I haven’t started painting them, yet.

God I have so much junk to paint. D:


Hahah yeah who would just turn around and buy a whole new collection or army just because they like the look of them, when they already have so much stuff to build and paint? That’s silly.

I need help.

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I’m pretty sure I’m about to do the same with Chaos Space Marines.


I’m pretty sure that if you run out of unpainted minis in your backlog, you die. Buying more just extends your life.


Thumbs up to pretty much everything posted in this thread, some serious talent on display.

Like @Arclight, I have succumbed to the new SkyDorfs (cross-posted from the Board/card game thread)



ha… ha

glances nervously back and forth


I just bought a Convergence of Cyriss army box today. Been looking at them longingly for a while, and the army box came out, what, last month? And I was in the store to buy a couple minions to use with my trollbloods, and it was just sitting there, and… D:

I have a problem. D:

Not sure how I want to paint them, yet. Or when I’ll get to them. I, too, have a fondness for purple, but I might go more of a red metal theme for these guys. We’ll see. D:

D: D: D:


The best thing about painting Convergence is that you can just buy a steel or gunmetal spray-primer and like half your painting, primer and base coat, is done in minutes. It’s not quite Necron levels of easy to paint, but even a slow painter like me can bang out a Reductor in like an hour post-priming.

Also hope you enjoy the army! They don’t have near the options other forces enjoy, but they definitely do their “thing” really well.


It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re among friends, we understand.

Just… just maybe stay away from the store for a while. The really, really big airship is out this Saturday, and that might end up being really hard to resist.

EDIT: working on getting some painted minis based tonight. Got the facings painted and the dirt down, gotta glue-wash the dirt and add grass, highlight the front arcs. Dunno if I’ll get around to that tonight, but anything’s possible.